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Hi lovely yoga teacher, and fellow MBOM listener, this is for you!

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the podcast epiosode of Mastering the Business of Yoga with the lovely Amanda Kingsmith! I hope some of what I shared was useful and/or inspiring. On this page you'll find some of the FREE resources and special MBOM discount codes, as well as more info on how to work with me if you are looking into Business Coaching for yoga teachers.

Feel free to write me an email, or book a free 15min discovery call. Also, find me on Instagram and linkedIn, I really love connecting with other likeminded proffesionals on there!


10 tips for teaching specialized 1-1's

If you want the PDF with the 10 tips from the podcast episode, which includes some good examples, as well as additional tips not shared in the episode, write me an email below and I'll send it to you!

By doing this, you'll also be signing up to my email list, but you can of course unsubscribe any time. I am sending out emails very rarely and only about events and new offers that may interest you.

1-1 Business coaching for yoga teachers

As a MBOM listener you get a 20% discount on both a one-off session with me and a package of 8 sessions!

Are you a yoga teacher who wants to:​

  • get advice on how to move forward with your career, and make more money so you can make ends meet, while at the same time taking care of yourself, your health and your family (I am a mum, and I live with a chronic illness - yet I achieve a lot - because I am very conscious about how I spend my time and my priorities, who I work with and how.) I learned my techniques the hard way! But I wish I had someone who would give me the advice I give now to others, so I could have spent my valuable time more efficiently from the start! 

  • get some advice on how to land big clients and collaborations like I have (FENDI, Wanderlust, corporate clients ecc)

  • PR - tips, how to work with the media, get media attention and media coverage for you and your business, and events (I used to work with PR for WWF and be a media spokesperson in my former career. As yoga and Mindfulness teacher I've been featured on Sky, IO Donna which is huge in Italy, and ELLE Norway to mention a few).

  • want to learn how to build a sustainable business around teaching 1-1 clients? I'll help you with advice, I'll share with you how I have specialized, and provide high-quality classes so the students will come to me, and how I manage my time, ecc, and I'll help look at your background and how you can do the same for your unique skill set!

  • I have created the successful PlayPauseBe yoga sequencing deck that was funded on Kickstarter in less than 10 minutes from the launch, and is used by more than 52 000 yoga practitioners and teachers around the world across 71 countries. You can find the Kickstarter campaign here. I'll be happy to help you with advice for your business idea!

  • you are a newbie yoga teacher and want to get advice on how to get your first job as a teacher, or how to specialize/and what to specialize in - in terms of where there is more demand and potential clients, get help with your CV, pitching approach, or any other question you may have!

Or there is something else in your business you want help with not on the list, feel free to reach out and book a FREE discovery call to see if we are a good match and if/how I can help you!

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YACEP Discounts

I am a Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider, and some of the courses I offer are also 100% online and can be done at your own speed, and you will get all the hours registered as contact hours in the Yoga Alliance system if you register them within the end of 2024.

Courses available to far 100% Online:

  • Spine Anatomy and Thoracic Spine Mobility

  • Mindful Restorative Yoga

Coming soon:

  • Myofacial Release for Yoga Teachers - learn the basics of he anatomy and how to use it in your classes and with your 1-1 clients

  • Prenatal Yoga

Use the discount code: MBOM20 for 20% off !

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

Mindful Reflection

How do I manage my time? How do I do my planning? (especially with chronic headaches and a baby) This was one of the questions Amanda asked me, and many do! This is how!


I am sitting down to really take time to evaluate priorities, reflect on my visions ecc. 

Join me in this pre-recorded online retreat to try it out for yourself with me!

Use my code: MBOM25 for 25% off, you're welcome!


Join me on a retreat in Italy!

Join me in person on a retreat in beautiful Italy (where I live now, so you'll get the additional bonus of an insider's guide). 

I am planning a retreat in the south, Italy's heel - Puglia, in the first week of November this year, more details launch soon - so stay tuned! and make sure to sign up to my email list to be among the first to know and to secure your spot!

My retreats include Fun Creative Vinyasa Flow, Mindful Yoga with functional movement elements, Myofacial Release and Nerve flossing - to feel amazing afterward, Regenerating Restorative Yoga (with all the props you can dream of!), and different kinds of Mindfulness Meditation. There will be a workshop in Myofacial Release and how to do it yourself/teach it, and you'll get the Myofacial Release tools we use with you home!

There is a possibility to book 1-1 in person sessions with me during the retreat both to see how I would teach it in person (if you are curious as a teacher) and to get help with whatever you'd like to dive deeper into! I can also do 1-1 business coaching in person in you want. Or you can just join for a well-deserved recharge - we teachers need that too!

Welcome! More details coming very soon.

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