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Mindful Yoga classes online, for migraine, headache and chronic pain

Join classes adapted for your needs and learn efficient ways to calm your nervous system, and help with your pain.

Here you find infromation about the weekly online classes of 60-75min. If you are looking for the 8-week Pain Management Program, you'll find that on this page.

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Weekly Online Classes


Join only weekly
live classes

NB: Currently there are no live classes due to that I'm pregnant, but you can access pre-registered classes on-demand to help with your pain by signing up to the on-demand library here, and join live classes again when I'm back. I still take 1-1 clients for tailored follow-up, so if you need more urgent, and tailored help, contact me for availability here.

Join these weekly classes adapted for you who live with chronic pain, migraines, headaches, or chronic illness. You can choose to join only this week’s online class for pain as drop-in, or as monthly membership (see below)


Join the session through drop-in (12€) by clicking the link below you find the upcoming classes! You will have access to the LIVE and the recording for 7 days.


Wednesdays at 16.30-17.30pm CET.


If live times do not work for you, remember you can still practice with me through the on-demand library, with access to also short sessions of 5-20min or longer ones 60-80min, welcome! 

weekly pain class


Get access to the weekly live classes with me AND the full library of past and ever-growing classes, this membership gives you access to the recordings of the weekly yoga and mindfulness classes for pain as well as the rest of the yoga library.
(NB live classes are currently on hold due to pregnancy, but check out the two other options below!)
Or only on-demand subscibtion to do in your own time, with access to the part of the library only for pain:
Or save on a full year subscription to the whole on-demand library! With this one-year deal you get access to all the videos for 1/2 of what you would have paid for a monthly subscription each month, and it equals approximately 0,3 euros daily or 2 euros weekly if you will - the price of a coffee a week!  And that's an investment well worth it, helping your body and mind feel better.

About the weekly yoga and mindfulness classes

Join me on the mat for sessions adapted for you who live with chronic migraines, headaches, or other chronic pain or illness. 


In these small-group-sized classes, I will take you through gentle movements, and teach you tools that can help you not only live better with your pain long-term but also who could be useful on especially tough days or through attacks. These classes are adapted so that you can join them on a drop-in basis too, however I do reccommend the montlhy subscription if you can.

These classes are also trauma-informed. Please contact me if you have passed through trauma or have been diagnosed with PTSD.


Education is empowering; while we move you will have the benefit of learning WHY we are doing what we do - and learning that you can have tools with you to help yourself through challenges in a more connected and meaningful way.

The recording of these classes is added to the library of pain-specific classes that range in time, but with the membership you can also access all other videos on the platform. Each month new classes will be added to the library, and you'll have the opportunity to join the weekly live classes.

I found Maria from a group I am in with people with daily headaches which have been going on since the Fall of 2021. I taught yoga for 18 years myself. I'm trained in CBT for Migraines and CTTH as well as hypnosis for migraines, both of which help me manage the emotional aspects of an unremitting headache. I signed up for one of her Yoga for migraines and chronic headache classes expecting to learn a little and maybe get some relief.

My headache was gone afterwards and that one was going on 28 hours! I finally have hope that something's going to work! Plus her knowledge, even the bit she shared with me, was impressive. Physically nothing has truly worked to change them before today. I spent hundreds of dollars at the chiropractor which didn’t last when I decreased treatment. I’ve spent money at the neurologist and on medications and on various ice-packs and supplements. Finally I felt like I had some tools from Maria that I could do myself at home to bring relief and even end a headache. I’ve been doing the very simple exercises daily since with results as well! She’s so knowledgeable and gentle and it’s the type of yoga anyone can do at home - no twisting yourself into a pretzel! You don’t even need flexibility.

I highly recommend her.

— Dr. Elizabeth Bonet.

8-weeks Pain Management course

Learn to live better with your pain!

If you were looking for the 8-week Pain Management course, you will find more information on this page.


If there is no upcoming group course for the 8-week Pain Management course in this period, you can contact Maria for the alternative of 1-1 follow-up, which also offers additional benefits.


f you want to join a future course or have information about other upcoming offers, leave your email below to sign up for my email list.

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Pain management course
It was a pleasure to be a part of Maria's 8-week group pain management course,
I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maria is a wonderfully kind individual and is fully dedicated to what she does.
She has a solid understanding of the many benefits and how mindfulness meditation and other practises/excercises can help with pain and more importantly for me, mindset. As someone with chronic daily headaches I highly recommend this course, providing you can dedicate at least one hour a day to practises, but of course well worth it!
Maria went beyond to ensure I was getting the most out of it, with quick and thorough email responses to any questions I had as well as sharing resources that I could use to help educate myself further. This has got the ball rolling for me and now I have the tools to continue practising and growing. I really look forward to connecting with Maria again in the future.
— Chris Wakeling, 8-week pain management course

What is pain really? 

Did you know research shows that when we understand more about what pain is and what is going on in our body it can actually reduce your pain?

This is because everything is processed in the brain, so the pain level is influenced by many things - including your understanding! 

So this course is aiming to help you understand more!


Join this online course, 2hours and 45min on-demand video, you can watch it in your own time within 30days.

Click on the link below to read more about the course and book.

neuroscience of pain
It is hard to put into words what an enormous difference Maria Waag has made in my life. She healed me of chronic 24/7 migraines that doctors and neurologists said would never go away.
She also healed me of my terrifying dread of a future restricted by my pains and disibilities.
Here is my story:
I used to have a 24/7 migraine headache that just would not leave. I had to drop out of university and stop working because the pain was too strong. I had tried every medicine and treatment there is for migraines and tension headaches, but none of them helped. My doctors and neurologists said that I would never get better. I was in complete panic, sorrow and despair. My future was gone, I would never be able to graduate from uni or work again. Until the day I had a life changing phonecall with Maria.

Maria taught me that it is possible to live a full and happy life even with crippling pain and disability.
She taught me that by being self aware and living in the moment, you can experience enormous happiness from small moments where others don`t even take notice.
She taught me to look at life from a new perspective, and that there are advantages to living a life that is outside of a normal life.
She taught me to let go of my anxiety and fear of a future with pain and illness. And when my fear and anxiety let go, MY HEADACHE DISAPPEARED.
Like absolute magic that I would never have imagined possible.

Maria taught me more during that ONE phonecall than years of help from psycologists and therapy has done.

I absolutely recommend her from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Maria,
I can not possibly tell you how grateful I am for you!  Xxx
— Louise Dowsett, 1-1 mindfulness student and pain management follow-up.

Are you new here and want to know more about me and my story?

Watch some of my background and story here! How yoga and mindfulness have changed my life and helped me learn to live happily with chronic pain and severe diagnoses and uncertainty.

Let's keep in touch!

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