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Here you can book live yoga sessions with me:

  • weekly group classes online

  • 1-1 sessions 

  • yoga at your workplace

  • or if you want me to teach/speak at your event.

If you are looking for prerecorded Online Courses you will find them at the bottom of this page.

If you want to explore the on-demand library of prerecorded yoga classes, you find that here.

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Join me live weekly on zoom!

Or watch recordings.

Or access the on-demand library of yoga classes as well as shorter practices for MFR, Breathing, nerve flossing, and more!

Read more about all of this here.


Private classes in yoga or mindfulness are the perfect way to get a tailormade follow-up.

For privates in yoga, I will do a thorough intake assessment of you, your body, and your needs, following Yoga Medicine's guidelines to help assess your goals and priorities for our 1-1 time together, and how I best can help you.

You can choose to book one session or a package.

Most 1-1 follow-up is done online. Private classes in person could be available in Oslo and Milan.

There is high demand, so please write me to check for availability.

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1-1 sessions


I have long experience in teaching yoga in a corporate setting and will design the event or package to suit your business and needs. Everything from regular weekly 'yoga at work' classes, to special events and team building. I have had the honor of working with for example FENDI both for their regular yoga classes for the employees at the headquarter in Rome and for their yearly Heckathlon team-building and creative innovation event.

I do thorough research and take my clients' typical challenges and needs into account both in how I design the sessions and the language I use to make them relatable and accessible. As a former public speaker and media spokesperson, I am used to adapting my communication to my audience in a proficient way. No matter if it is the high-pressure environment of law firms, or how to work with tech-neck for desk workers, to boost creativity for the award-winning commercial film production company Einar Film, or whether it is working with a woman's group of refugees and special needs because of religion or potential trauma. 


For classes in Norway, I collaborate with Bedriftsyoga



Want me to teach or speak at your event?

In my previous career, I was lucky to receive highly professional training as a media spokesperson and speaker. Being a lot on national television, and speaking to large and varied audiences in a range of settings has made me proficient in delivering my message and teaching in a calm, clear, engaging, and professional way in high-pressure settings. As a yoga teacher, I have for example been teaching at Wanderlust 108 in Milan.

In addition to tailor a yoga or mindfulness program for your event, I can also be your key-note speaker for motivational speeches for example using my story as an example of how mindfulness can be a transformative tool to face any challenge and live a more connected and happy life.

Contact me for availability.

I am so grateful for the private lessons I've had with Maria online. I am 8 months postpartum and still working towards healing my abdominal separation (diastasis recti). I had been afraid to get back into yoga but after meeting with Maria only twice through Zoom I am already seeing and feeling a difference!
Even online she was able to give me specific guidance that helped ensure I was engaging the correct muscles and entering postures safely.
Thanks Maria!
— Rachel, 11years of yoga experience,
pre- & posnatal student both live and online. DR.
I have attended private yoga classes in English with Maria during the past year and it has been a great experience! She's very professional, kind, and able to adapt the sessions according to the student's needs. Physically I feel much better and more confident with my body, but also mentally stronger, thanks to the meditation and Maria's suggestions.
I strongly recommend her!
— Marzia French teacher, rock climber, new to yoga
If you are not yet convinced that yoga can l help you going through a wonderful pregnancy and provide you a good preparation for giving birth, than take a prenatal yoga class with Maria and you will be convinced!
Maria has a lot of expertise on pain management and mental preparation for giving birth.
With her gentle voice she creates wonderful yoga classes where she shares a lot of knowledge and is always ready to attend to your questions and concerns.
With Maria I went through a very good pregnancy and I felt mentally prepared for the big day and I had a very fast recovery!
— Saskia, pre- and postnatal
yoga student


Want a more beneficial practice?

Deepen your practice by diving into a topic, practice, or your understanding of yoga anatomy.

I believe in the empowerment of knowledge. And research shows that when you understand more of why you are doing what you are doing, and how to feel and adapt the practice to your body, you not only reduce the risk of injury, but the benefits of your practice will multiply. Join me in these online courses designed to help you grow, and learn - no matter if you are a yoga teacher or student.

You can also join mini-workshops weekly with me in the live knowledge-based weekly classes here, and access the full library of these classes in the on-demand library here covering a variety of topics.

Yoga Anatomy


Here's the popular workshop in SPINE ANATOMY & THORACIC SPINE MOBILITY.

Research shows yoga injuries are on the rise! And a study from Columbia University shows that most of the injuries are happening in the spine.

This topic is especially relevant in this time of online classes, and as many are sitting more (home office).

Our seated lifestyle changes the biomechanics of our body. Understanding a bit about why this is, and what we can do to help our bodies in a more efficient way through our yoga practice will help you have a safer and more beneficial yoga practice!

No matter if you are a yoga teacher wanting to understand more about the risks and how to protect the spine better in your classes, or just a yoga student wanting to enhance your own benefits of the practice - this course is for you!

3,5h of interesting theory and creative practice, to help you understand and digest the knowledge in a fun way!

This Online course is now available!

If you are a Yoga Teacher, this course qualifies for Continued Education Hours with Yoga Alliance (YACEP).

Maria is such a kind soul! She is always positive and enthusiastic and explains everything in a calm, understandable yet scientific way. She has so much knowledge about the human body and biology in general that you gain a deeper understanding of how you and your body can benefit from certain poses. I attended the "Spine Anatomy and Thoracic Spine Mobility Workshop" and it helped me so much in understanding what happens in my body. I also really love her Mindfulness approach. Thank you so much for everything, Maria
— Natasha
I highly recommend workshops with Maria.
She has a lot of knowledge that is conveyed in a thorough, enthusiastic and educational way.
I benefited greatly from the "Spine Anatomy and Thoracic Spine Mobility Workshop", both personally and as a yoga teacher.

Thank you
— Marit Thorsrud, Yoga teacher
Maria is probably the most dedicated yoga teacher you can find out there ! She puts a huge effort, time, and love into her classes and workshops and all her knowledge guarantees a great value and proficiency. Maria really cares about her students, their opinion, feelings and wellbeing. From the many yoga teachers I met, Maria is surely one of the most authentic ones, who is really living yoga and not just performing it with postures. Can really recommend her consultancy and classes.
—  Regina Neubauer,
Yoga teacher student
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Learn to rest!

Did you know scrolling on your phone or watching Netflix is actually NOT true rest for our brain and nervous system?

Want to learn how to teach your body and brain to efficiently access a deeper way of Rest?

This is the best tool to improve the quality of your sleep, reduce your stress level and boost your immune system, join NOW!

In this 3,5h online course, you will learn:

  • Restorative Yoga from a classic starting point, but with adaptations to the latest research and modern understanding of the brain and nervous system.

  • How to adapt the postures in different ways with tools you find at home - to find what feels good in your body.

I have studied with Cyndi Lee who is one of the original developers of Restorative Yoga together with Judith Lasater and B.K.S Iyengar. And I have further deepened my studies in Restorative Yoga through Yoga Medicine learning from neurologists and scientists. As always I am building on the latest research and my competence in anatomy and the nervous system in my teaching.

This Online course is now available!

I just joined a 2 hour yoga class lead by the wonderful Maria
It was super relaxing, interesting, educational and I admire how she managed to help everyone even though it was through a computer screen!

I truly felt taken care of.
I recommend everyone interested in yoga to try out one of her courses
— Regine Stensæth Josefsen, contemporary artist.
What I love about Maria's class is that it always provides the right amount of challenge and positiveness.
Even though the class has students from all types of levels and new comers, it seems that everyone is getting what they need; she displays the next poses and then provides more difficult forms of it so that students can pick what they feel comfortable with. She is encouraging yet gentile in pushing people towards uping their game.
The class focuses on the physical and spiritual aspects, so you get a full class in this precious 60 minutes.
I have never left a class without wearing a satisfied look on my face. And that says it all.
—  Mohammad, Iyengar
Vinyasa student
I attended Maria's open class at a Buddhist temple in Oslo and it was such a good experience! The program was balanced and suited both the more/less experienced yoga practitioners.
Maria has a positive energy and comfortable teaching style and she was very attentive throughout the two-hour session - and circled the room with advice on how to improve and relax during the more difficult postures.
I would absolutely recommend to learn from her if you have the chance
— Ane, biologist and gardener
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