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Hi, I am

A certified Mindfulness

and Yoga teacher

I truly believe in the power of
to help us navigate any challenge we might face in life.

My high-performance lifestyle one day got turned upside-down when I got severely ill. Mindfulness helped me survive the grave illness, battle chemotherapy, and learn to live with chronic pain.

This transformed the way I'm living my life so that I actually am happier now, even if I live with more severe challenges and chronic pain. I am living more connected to myself, in line with my values, and realizing my goals and dreams I didn't even know I had. 

I have had the honor to study Mindfulness with the team of Jon Kabat-Zinn at UMASS University of Massachusetts Medical School (MBSR), the University Hospital of Oslo's Pain clinic (MBSR), with dharmacarya Buddhist masters, TT with medical specialists through Yoga Medicine, and I have also specialized in Trauma, the brain and nerve system, pain, and female health. 


I am also a yoga teacher with more than 15years of experience. I take my education seriously to keep bringing you the quality you deserve.

Are you overthinking, or feeling stressed?

I've been there too!


Mindfulness helped me change the way I see and live my life:


I have learned to use Mindfulness as a tool to navigate the challenges and uncertainty I am facing in life, in a better way. Thanks to Mindfulness, I have learned to live more present, and connected to an inner steadiness to help me find happiness, no matter what.


is the practice of awareness

It trains your brain and will give you tools on how to deal when you feel overwhelmed, help you sleep better, enhance concentration, memory, and creativity. As well as helping you meet yourself with kindness, and motivate yourself in a positive way instead of through negative self-talk. Become your own friend, and find self-esteem within. 

Mindfulness will give you

the possibility to:

  1. Live more present with what is here for you right now.

  2. Become less reactive, and more capable of thinking twice about a viewpoint or action before acting. 

  3. Manage stress and anxiety better, and help you become aware of when you are overthinking or worrying unnecessarily, so you can choose to waste less time on it.

Mindfulness meditations are meditations where we practice being aware of what is here through different exercises. It is also learning to inquire and discover the patterns of our minds – with curiosity. Getting to know ourselves with compassion.​

Want to learn what Mindfulness is and can be for you?


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