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Yoga + Wine, a Day Escape

Join me for a day of Yoga & Mindfulness among the olive trees in the hills of Oltrepo. Followed by a delicious brunch + vine tasting at the vineyard!

Welcome to this well-needed escape from the business of everyday life!

Because of the success of this event, there will be a repeat in june 2024, stay tuned!

Look forward to nourishing body and mind surrounded by beautiful nature, in the mesmerizing hills of Oltrepo at the vineyard of il Feudo Nico, in Mornico Losano, only a one-hour drive from Milano.


(This event is tought in both English and Italian,

Questo evento sara insegnato entrambi in inglese e italiano!)

Join us!


Imagine yoga in the shade of the olive trees, with an unforgettable view over one of the most beautiful valleys of the famous wine region of Oltrepo. Then followed by delicious, homemade food made at the farm, as well as wine tasting and a guided tour of the cellar and viyeards (the last part is optional)

We will start the day with yoga, a class of nourishing Mindful Hatha Yoga Flow with an open level, accessible to everyone! Followed by a yummy guided mindfulness meditation for deep relaxation and stress release. Read more about the theme of the yoga class, as well as a full outline of the program below.

Don't miss this rare occasion to practice in person with me, and the opportunity to get hands-on adjustments in a safe way (only if you wish of course) as we are outside.

Save your spot as soon as possible as there are limited spots available.


Leggi la descrizione del evento in italiano e la programma in questo PDF!


Yoga & Wine

Thursday 2. of June
(holiday in Italy)

Starting 10.00

Mindufl Hatha Yoga Flow 
+ Mindfulness Meditation


il Feudo Nico

Famly driven, passion for taste, quality & sustainable production

About the place


I am so happy to collaborate with Feudo Nico for this event because they are truly heartwarming people, in an absolutely stunning location (and honestly produce some of my number one favorite wines!). I also really like them because they not only put their heart and soul into what they produce, but into their customers too, and in the way they respect and connect to nature.


Il Feudo Nico is a family-driven vineyard that has been producing high-quality wine for generations. They are famous also for their delicious food made by the mum of the household herself! With homegrown and homemade ingredients. All their wines are produced without using any herbicides or insecticides, fully organic.

They were the first ones to start producing olive oil in this region so far north because they realized the value of the beautiful microclimate of the valley, so they are not only rooted in tradition but also innovative and have successfully made a delicious olive oil for some time now that has made them famous too.


The valley is one of the most notably beautiful in Oltrepo and where il Feudo Nico restaurant is located, as well as where we will do yoga, it is overlooking, for example, Montalto Pavese, vineyards as far as the eye can see, and the cute old city center and caste of the village of Mornico Losano (where they have also got a big bench now because of their fantastic view!)

NB: the yoga pictures here are taken in a different location, however, you can imagine a similar, if not more beautiful setting!

What to expect from the yoga class

It will be a Mindful Hatha flow followed by a guided relaxation & mindfulness meditation to let go of all stress of everyday life and connect to the beautiful nature around us.

The theme of the yoga class will be: Root to Rise, where we will explore a fun flow around balancing potisionts to strengthen body and mind. We will explore the theme Root to Rise, both physically as I take you through a fun flow sequence around balancing positions, as well as metaphorically as we will discover what we can learn about ourselves in the process.

It will be a fun class with challenges & adaptations for everyone.

Bonuses: strengthening core, legs, hip, getting mobility into the spine, back and releasing tension on the shoulders & neck.

The class is thought in both English and Italian (I am used to teaching in both languages for example my classes for FENDI so no matter what you speak you will be in good hands). 

For who:
Open for anyone, beginners& advanced alike - I’ll give adaptations & variations.


Bring your own yoga mat! And if you don't have one notify me upfront, I have a selected few you could borrow, but since they are not many you need to book upfront.


10.00 Arrival to the vineyard il Feudonico, registration + short walk to the olive fields

10.30 Yoga class

12.30 Brunch at the restaurant at the vineyard (with a breathtaking view) + wine tasting


After Brunch it is possible to join a guided tour of the wine cellar and fields where they grow their grapes for those who want to.

Total price to book your spot: € 45.00 (for both the yoga class + food + wine)


To book your spot send an email to the vinyeard


or call them at: +39 0383 892452

You could also sign up through me if you prefer, then an email, by clicking on the button below

Also, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



1h and 15min from Milan, at the beginning of Oltrepo.

Il Feudo Nico, adress:

Via San Rocco, 63
27040, Mornico Losana PV


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