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Rest & Recharge
Yoga Retreat in Puglia 2025

Join me for this Yoga & Mindfulness retreat in this mesmerizing place, surrounded by olive trees in the serene countryside of Puglia, the astonishingly beautiful heel of Italy.

Welcome to this well-needed escape from the business of everyday life!

WHEN: 19-25th of April 2025 (6 nights, 7 days) 2025

Last year one of my retreats was selected by IO Donna of Corriere Della Sera as one of 6 recommended wellness events in Italy in October 2023, read the article here (in Italian). For non-Italians: IO Donna is the weekend magazine of one of the biggest newspapers in Italy.

Look forward to a nourishing body and mind surrounded by beautiful nature and calm, in the pristine nature of Puglia, a stone's throw from a cute village. The location is easily reachable from either Bari or Brindisi airport.


(These retreats are taught in both English and Italian if the participants ask me to.

Questi ritiri saranno insegnato entrambi in inglese e italiano!)

La descrizione del ritiro in ITALIANO, viene fra poco, intanto scrivimi se hai domande o vuoi essere avvisato quando l'info in italiano è pronto.

Join us!


Imagine this typical day:

You're waking up inside your beautiful and traditional Trulli with timeless and serene interior design to enhance the calm. After a slow morning at your own pace, we start our morning together at 08.00 with a dynamic hatha yoga flow class on the rooftop overlooking the beautiful landscape and Trullis, by the poolside, or inside the beautiful Shala (yoga room). We'll end the practice with a yummy guided mindfulness meditation for deep relaxation and stress release.


Then we head to be served the delicious, homemade, and nourishing brunch, food prepared by our private, local chef, and most of the ingredients grown at the retreat center, all biological, and vegetarian (where food allergies and special needs will be taken into account).


Some day during the retreat I'll also introduce you to Mindful Eating before one of our meals so you can explore the power of this practice to open the senses.



Don't miss this rare occasion to practice in person with me, and the opportunity to get hands-on adjustments in a safe way in the yoga classes (only if you wish of course), as well as individualized tips and adjustments to really reap the best benefits of the practice for your body and needs.

The rest of the day you will get the freedom to choose how you want to spend it - relaxing by the pool, enjoy alone time or reading a book in the hammock among the olive trees, and just enjoying the slow living and calmness of the amazing place we are staying, connecting with new friends among the other participants, going to one of the beautiful beaches nearby (ca 30min driving), or sightseeing and visit nearby villages, ecc. The retreat center knows the area well and has all sorts of great tips for activities to do and where to go. We'll meet back for the evening practice to wind down, and land together in a beautiful and calming restorative practice before the yummy dinner is served!

A Yoga Retreat is a transformational experience, and you will end feeling a deeper sense of connection to yourself, and a profound sense of calm and of being recharged! We all need more of this in our modern lives!


You find the full outline of a typical day below.

Save your spot as soon as possible as there are limited spots available.


Mindfulness, Yoga & Nature

April 2025

Mindufl Hatha Yoga Flow,
Restorative Yoga,
Mindfulness Meditation
and Myofacial Release



One of the best yoga retreat places in Puglia

About the place

YogApulia is a boutique retreat center exclusively for yoga and meditation practice.


They have renovated the center to create an intimate space in tune with the natural rhythm of nature, where guests can escape from the demands of the modern world to deepen their practice in the beautiful, peaceful setting of the Valle d’Itria in Apulia, Italy.

There is space for maximum 12 participants, a smaller group will give you the luxury of more personal follow-up and a more intimate atmosphere and pristine experience. There are six twin rooms and one double room all with private bathrooms, and all in Trulli.

I am so happy to collaborate with YogApulia for this retreat as I really like the people running this place, they care about what they do, down to every single detail. They will serve us plant-based food that they mainly produce. They not only put their heart and soul into what they produce, but into their customers too, and in the way they respect and connect to nature. You can expect to see a couple of cute and calm dogs they have adopted from rescue for example. This is such a heartfelt, yet professional and exclusive place - I can't wait to bring you here!


We will be sleeping in Trullis which are the famous and traditional houses of Puglia. As you can see from the pictures, they are stone buildings with rounded bell-shaped roofs, designed to create a cool indore environment for when the heat hits in the middle of summer, but also to regulate the temperature well during the year. Pulia is famous for their Trulli from all over the world, and usually if you visit Puglia as a tourist and want to spend a night in a Trulli it may cost you for example 300-500euro just for one night, so being able to stay in these the whole stay is a real luxury!


The retreat center has renovated them so beautifully, with a touch of serene interior design, white, with wood elements - to merge with the nature outside - that brings you to calm the moment you enter. 

All the rooms except one are twin bed (separate beds) rooms for sharing between two people, and one room has a double bed (and a slightly added price), for a couple or close friends who would like to share. The prices listed below are the price of one person so for one of the beds in a shared room. If you are a group of friends or two friends who would like to share a room, let me know when booking. If you instead travel alone, it is highly likely your room partner will become a lifelong friend, there are such beautiful connections formed in situations like this on a yoga retreat.

You can also book a room for yourself as one person if you want this contact me for availability and price..


If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!


Mindful Yoga Flow

Accessible for everyone!
Learn how advancedness can lie in simplicity.

About the Yoga classes

Our morning classes will be more dynamic, Vinyasa flow or Hatha flow, but always with some mindful elements, and always at an open level accessible for everyone. I focus on building classes around what is functionally the most beneficial for us based on our modern, often sedentary lifestyle, and there will be a focus on how the movements and positions feel, instead of performance. I will give individual adaptations and adjustments to every participant as we are a small group, and I'll be able to follow everyone well. We will not be exploring advanced asana (yoga positions), but instead find challenges other ways! The classes will be fun, and we will sweat and feel our strength as well but mainly find the beauty in the flow between movements and breath in harmony, and how that brings us to the present moment. I always focus on non-judgment in my classes, we will practice this principle, often harder than it may seem in our achievement society, but a needed seed of awareness and pause of the critical mind.


We'll end with a guided relaxation & mindfulness meditation to let go of stress and tensions and connect to the beautiful nature and location around us.

The classes will be fun with challenges & adaptations for everyone.

Bonuses: strengthening core, legs, hip, getting mobility into the spine, back and releasing tension on the shoulders & neck.

The classes may be taught in both English and Italian if this is something some of the participants want (I am used to teaching in both languages for example my classes for FENDI so no matter what you speak you will be in good hands, and it may be a good practice for anyone wanting to learn the other language better). 

For who:
Open for anyone, beginners & advanced alike - I’ll give adaptations & variations.

Learn to rest

For our evening practices, we will do yummy and relaxing yoga. I'm specialized in Restorative Yoga, and most of our evening practices will be restorative. The retreat center has all the props we can dream of so it will be easy for me to help you explore different positioning of bolsters and pillows to find a deeper sense of rest. How beneficial you find restorative yoga is really a lot about how well you get help with finding the right adjustments and how to prop up the different positions, and I'm here for you to learn - and to enjoy this beautiful and regenerative practice! ​


Did you know scrolling on your phone or watching Netflix is actually NOT true rest for our brain and nervous system?

Want to learn how to teach your body and brain to efficiently access a deeper way of Rest?

This is the best tool to improve the quality of your sleep, reduce your stress level, and boost your immune system. I have studied both the traditional approach to Restorative Yoga from one of the developers of this lineage of practice

For who:
Open for anyone, beginners & advanced alike. If you have practiced a lot before this is a great possibility for you to get additional personal help from me to find even better prop placement, and if you have never done restorative yoga or heard of it this is a great opportunity to learn this fantastic and calming practice. 



Mindful Restorativ yoga

Learn what deep rest really is, and get help to prop yourself up in the best way to find comfort and ease.

_63A9718-Edit copy.jpg


Release tension and rejuvenate the tissues in your body.
This is a delicious practice you'll fall in love with!

The Myofacial Release Workshop

What you'll learn:

  1. What is Facia and Myofacial Release, and what does research show on why is it so beneficial and important?

  2. Learn when it's best to do it, and when not to do it, the different techniques (cross fibering, pin and stretch ecc)

  3. How to do Myofacial Release with professional MFR balls from RAD (which you will get as gifts to take home by the end of the retreat) of the areas of the body we often tend to need it the most (shoulders, back, legs, arms, neck)

  4. How to do self Myofascial Release - using only your hands.

  5. Get personalized tips for a main area you often feel tense in that I can help you work with!

For who:
Open for anyone, beginners & advanced alike. If you have done myofacial release before or have no idea what it is! I've studied this practice with several in-depth teacher trainings with Yoga Medicine thought by for example researchers in the field of facia, and after discovering this practice I am in love! It is such an efficient way to release tension and have pain relief even if you have very little time, and it is very easy to do it alone at home once you've learned the techniques and principles.


Some photos of the place

Dear Lovely Maria, it was a real pleasure for my human and soul to meet you, wonderful woman and teacher, and come to know your practice of yoga and mindfulness... it gave me precious moments of peace and closure to my everyday cahotic and stressfull life! I really look forward to meeting you again and also thank you for this amazing opportunity
— Laura

I met Maria at a lake view yoga and mindfulness event, which was given to me last year. It was the first time I participated in a yoga class, but I must say that Maria immediately conquered me with her smile, her delicacy and extreme professionalism. I immediately liked her positive approach and the extreme sensitivity with which she follows all the participants. Her classes are a mix of relaxation, more intense exercise and knowledge of your own body. From the first lesson at the lake I then decided to continue following the online classes and I absolutely recommend her classes to dedicate quality time to yourself. If you have the chance to join one of her events in nature they are magic!

—  Laura

Maria is probably the most dedicated yoga teacher you can find out there ! She puts a huge effort, time, and love into her classes and workshops and all her knowledge guarantees a great value and proficiency. Maria really cares about her students, their opinion, feelings and wellbeing. From the many yoga teachers I met, Maria is surely one of the most authentic ones, who is really living yoga and not just performing it with postures. Can really recommend her consultancy and classes.

—  Regina

A typical daily Program

Slow morning

8am - 10am: Morning, Vinyasa or Hatha flow Yoga - typically a more dynamic flow yoga class. and Mindfulness Meditation.

10am - 11am: delicious brunch (vegetarian)

11am - 5pm: free time / pool/ walk in nature / town visit / beach / One way we do a workshop in Myofacial Release (of approximately 3h). You have the possibility to take a dip in the pool, walk around to explore the surrounding nature or take a rest under the olive trees, read a book in the hammock or connect with your fellow retreat participants. Or go for excursions to the beach, nearby towns ecc. 

Whether you are more adventurous and want to go for excursions during the day or just relax at the retreat center practicing 'Il dolce far niente' - the sweetness of doing nothing as we say in Italian (a profound and beautiful way to connect to being and to living) is really up to you! The meals and the morning and evening practices bind us together, and beyond that, you have the freedom to spend your time the way you want the most to help you recharge.

You'll see that no matter how you spend your day - having the red thread of the practices, the poetry I'll share, and the self-care in this way will also transform the way you live the other experiences during your day. 

5pm - 6.30pm: evening yoga practice (restorative yoga/yoga nidra and Mindfulness meditation). One day we will do a sunset meditation.

6.30pm - 7.30pm: dinner (plant-based)


All food is included in the retreat price, which includes an abundant, delicious brunch that keeps you full until the evening/dinner time. As much fresh fruit, nuts, and tea you want is available throughout the day and is included in the price. Then the dinner is also included in the price, and all meals are prepared by our private chef for the retreat center, and most of the ingredients are grown there at the retreat center. Everything ecological and plant passed. If you have any intolerances, allergies, and special needs that will also be taken into account. If so please notify me when you sign up.

Food is a central component at YogApulia and we believe passionately in healthy, nourishing and sustainably sourced ingredients to support yoga practice. Our food is plant-based, focusing on seasonal, local produce wherever possible.  

One day I will also introduce you to the exercise in Mindful Eating, so you can keep this in mind while you enjoy your meals at the retreat if you wish, and see how it may change how you appreciate the flavours, ecc.

On the arrival day, we will have a welcome circle to get to know each other a bit and do a different kind of practice together.

We will have our ending practice and circle on the day before departure.

On the leaving day, we may have a brief morning practice, depending a bit on how early most of the participants are leaving. 


The Program may be subject to change. 

This year as a new element I have a toddler with me so there may be some changes in the program also due to this, although the retreat place will arrange for a babysitter to take care of him during our practices, and the father will be there to handle him most of the time outside of that so I am fully available to you! But he will spend the meals with us, and I do still breastfeed so he may need some moments with his mama when you have your spare time. 


Options not included in the price:

  • If you want to travel around more before/after your retreat, the retreat center knows the area well and can give you lots of tips as well as tips for car rental ecc.

  • If you want to explore more in your free time during the retreat itself you can also rent a car either the whole stay or also only for one or more days, and if so, the retreat center can arrange it so that your rental car is delivered to, and picked up from the retreat center.

Not included in the price:

  • Flight tickets

  • Airport pick-up, but we will look at your arrival times and try to coordinate sharing of taxis and transfers to lower your costs. the retreat center says it's not very expensive anyway to take a taxi in Puglia, and depending on where you are flying to (Bari or Brindisi) it is approximately 30min drive. And if someone is renting a car in the group and would like to offer someone else a spot in their car on the way from the airport we will have a wattsapp group prior to departure so you can coordinate among each other to look at matching flights etc.

  • Travel Insurance. I strongly recommend travel insurance that also will cover any injuries for example that may happen during the trip or yoga classes as this is not included in the retreat price, as well as for last minute cancellations where you can't get a refund - so you have an insurance that will cover your costs for that ecc.

  • A tourist tax of 2euro a night that needs to be paid directly to the retreat center.


6 nights and 7 days, the price is: EARLY BIRD price of € 1450 until 1st of November 2024, then € 1550 for the whole stay.

The price includes all the yoga classes, Mindfulness sessions, and MFR workshop, all meals and fruit, nuts and tea throughout the day (explained above), accommodation in the beautiful Trulli's, use of the property and pool, and an organized walk to the nearby village together.


Email me if you want to be sent info on how to make the payment and secure your spot.

Payment Policy: to secure your spot you need to pay a deposit of 600€, which is nonrefundable (so make sure you have travel insurance to cover this). The full payment needs to be done 3 months upfront at the latest, and if you want to split your payment to pay a section of it before that deadline you are also free to do so. If there are spots available closer in time than 3 months, and you sign up after this date, then the payment needs to be made in full straight away.


There is usually a high demand to participate in my retreats, so please note that once you have made your payment, you have made your final reservation for a spot in the retreat, and your payment is non-refundable no matter the reason for not being able to participate. This is because by holding a spot, you will prevent others from being able to book that spot, and getting last-minute sign-ups is unlikely as those who may have wanted your spot likely have made other plans. If you can find someone to take your spot instead of you, then the sign-up can be transferred to this person. Your payment covers several salaries of the staff of the retreat center, food, ecc., and the total contribution of all participants is also what enables us to offer such a good price to each and every individual participant of the retreat. 

In case of the unfortunate event of me needing to cancel or reschedule the whole retreat (for example if I get severely ill or something like that), you will be refunded most of your payment, and part of the deposit, except 300€ as this is needed to cover the minimum fee for the retreat center that has to be paid in case of full cancellations, so your travel insurance needs to cover that too.


To book your spot send me an email:, and I'll send you the payment info.

Also, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


  • Access to the private and exclusive property of YogApuglia and use of their pool, ecc. the whole retreat center is exclusively for us during our stay.

  • Special Breakfast/Brunch Buffet made only for us by a private chef, vegetable-based, and most of it produce grown at the property. Food allergies and intolerances will be taken into account, please inform me as you sign up about this.

  • Yoga classes two times a day (usually: Mindful Yoga Flow and Restorative Yoga), except on arrival/departure days.

  • different practices of Mindfulness 

  • Arraged walk through nature, to the nearby village.

  • Parking of your car inside the property if you have rented one (double check this with the retreat center depending on how many ends up renting a car).



  • Transport to arrive at the retreat center.​ You need to book your own flights to Bari or to Brindisi (I'll send out more practical info by email once you sign up or even upfront if you want me to). And for those arriving by plane who choose not to rent a car, we will try to see if we can manage to organize a pick-up from airport by helping you organize among each other by splitting a taxi (depending on arrival times ecc), and what is practically feasible by volunteers stepping in with the use of their car/rental car. If you need to take a taxi by yourself the prices are still not crazy in Puglia, and the drive is only approximately 30min.

  • Other meals if you want more than what is offered.


Practical Info


You do NOT need to bring your own yoga mat, as the retreat center is fully equipped with high quality mats, blocks, bolsters and other yoga props. I recommend you also bring a notebook or a sheet of paper and a pencil or pen for a writing exercise.

Comfortable yoga clothes. Remember a sweater/jacket for the afternoon and sunset meditations as it may get chilly. There are blankets there.

Alternatives for your partner not interested in yoga/meditation:

If you want to bring your partner to this beautiful location and use the opportunity to also get a stay here, and meals together, yet they do not want to participate in the yoga and meditation sessions, here are the options:

  • You can bring your partner/friend even if they do not want to do the practices they can still: 1) participate in the meals and organized excursion, use the pool and area where we stay. 

  • As they will be taking up a full spot for someone else, they would need to pay the full price. But considering the boutique luxury place to stay and all food included, this is not a bad price even for this.

  • You could maybe bring your pet, but this needs to be arranged upfront, you need to talk to the place first, and there may be extra fees. It is also important that if you do, you'd have a partner or friend there not doing yoga who will be watching your pet so that it does not disturb the practices.



  • Payment, contact Maria at, and she will send you more information.

  • To get there .

  • Bring with you: a sweater/jacket/blanket as it may be cold at sunset; a notebook/sheet of paper and a pen for writing exercises.




30min drive from Brindisi or Bari Airport.

Agriturismo di Castello di Vezio, adress:

Contrada Zaccano 5b, Casalini, 72014 Cisternino, BR, Italy

Google maps plus code. PFG9+87 Fogliarella


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