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Learn tools to live better with your pain!

On this page, you find more information about the 8-week Pain Management group courses run live by Maria. The next one is coming up in fall 2023.


While you wait you can also look into other options for pain management:

  1. 1-1 follow-up, find more info here.

  2. or join only once a week for weekly yoga & mindfulness classes adapted for pain, if you want to join these weekly classes you find more information on this page.

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Pain management course

8-weeks Pain Management course

Learn to live better with your pain!

Only 10 spots available as I will make sure every individual gets adaptations + adapt the guiding accordingly. It will be quite a while until you get this opportunity again with me, so if you want to join make sure to secure your spot as soon as possible, first comes first principle for sign-ups.

Last course was running March, April and May 2022. 


If there is no upcoming group course for the 8-week Pain Management course in this period, you can contact Maria for the alternative of 1-1 follow-up, which also offers additional benefits.


f you want to join a future course or have information about other upcoming offers, leave your email below to sign up for my email list.

Thanks for submitting!

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What to expect in the Pain Management course

This is a package where you get guidance over 8-weeks both live and through home-exercises to do on your own.


You will learn:

  • about the neuroscience of pain (in an easy way) so that you can understand both more about what is going on and what happens in the body as a consequence.

  • how mindfulness can help you and how you can adapt the practice and use it in your everyday life to change the way you see and live your life (even with your pain still present)

  • how to map your individual stressors, reflection exersices and journalling homework (adapted if you cannot write) and much more!

  • different concrete tools from the world of yoga to help you + nerve flossing adapted for you + MFR.

Included in the package you will get:

  • one 1-1 session with me so I can help you with more individualised guidance

  • 8 live sessions with me and the group of 2,5h (these are recorded and only shared with members of this specific group/course that because of health reasons miss a session)

  • daily homework (so this requres some commitmnet! This is what changes your brain, so the daily part is needed. I give adaptationsso everyone can do something no matter your state) expect to set aside approximately 1h daily for this.

  • videos and guided meditations to help your home practice.

  • written handouts for exersices

See a full, detailed outline below (on desctop, if you are on mobile, go to desctop to see it, or send me an email and I'll send it to you).

Is this for me?

As always you have to consult your doctors first befor starting any program to know if it is ok for you to practice yoga and mindfulness meditation, and what adaptations you need.

If you have any questions or worries in how I can adapt for your indivudual needs to make sure you will be able to participate, please don't hesitate to contact me.

It was a pleasure to be a part of Maria's 8-week group pain management course,
I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maria is a wonderfully kind individual and is fully dedicated to what she does.
She has a solid understanding of the many benefits and how mindfulness meditation and other practises/excercises can help with pain and more importantly for me, mindset. As someone with chronic daily headaches I highly recommend this course, providing you can dedicate at least one hour a day to practises, but of course well worth it!
Maria went beyond to ensure I was getting the most out of it, with quick and thorough email responses to any questions I had as well as sharing resources that I could use to help educate myself further. This has got the ball rolling for me and now I have the tools to continue practising and growing. I really look forward to connecting with Maria again in the future.
— Chris Wakeling, 8-week pain management course
It is hard to put into words what an enormous difference Maria Waag has made in my life. She healed me of chronic 24/7 migraines that doctors and neurologists said would never go away.
She also healed me of my terrifying dread of a future restricted by my pains and disibilities.
Here is my story:
I used to have a 24/7 migraine headache that just would not leave. I had to drop out of university and stop working because the pain was too strong. I had tried every medicine and treatment there is for migraines and tension headaches, but none of them helped. My doctors and neurologists said that I would never get better. I was in complete panic, sorrow and despair. My future was gone, I would never be able to graduate from uni or work again. Until the day I had a life changing phonecall with Maria.

Maria taught me that it is possible to live a full and happy life even with crippling pain and disability.
She taught me that by being self aware and living in the moment, you can experience enormous happiness from small moments where others don`t even take notice.
She taught me to look at life from a new perspective, and that there are advantages to living a life that is outside of a normal life.
She taught me to let go of my anxiety and fear of a future with pain and illness. And when my fear and anxiety let go, MY HEADACHE DISAPPEARED.
Like absolute magic that I would never have imagined possible.

Maria taught me more during that ONE phonecall than years of help from psycologists and therapy has done.

I absolutely recommend her from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Maria,
I can not possibly tell you how grateful I am for you!  Xxx
— Louise Dowsett, 1-1 mindfulness student and pain management follow-up.
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Are you looking for only weekly
live classes

Don't have time for the 8-week program but still want to do something?


You can join choose to join 1h sessions weekly instead. You can join only this week’s online class for pain as drop-in, or as monthly membership.


You find more information about these classes by clicking on the button below.

weekly pain class

I found Maria from a group I am in with people with daily headaches which have been going on since the Fall of 2021. I taught yoga for 18 years myself. I'm trained in CBT for Migraines and CTTH as well as hypnosis for migraines, both of which help me manage the emotional aspects of an unremitting headache. I signed up for one of her Yoga for migraines and chronic headache classes expecting to learn a little and maybe get some relief.

My headache was gone afterwards and that one was going on 28 hours! I finally have hope that something's going to work! Plus her knowledge, even the bit she shared with me, was impressive. Physically nothing has truly worked to change them before today. I spent hundreds of dollars at the chiropractor which didn’t last when I decreased treatment. I’ve spent money at the neurologist and on medications and on various ice-packs and supplements. Finally I felt like I had some tools from Maria that I could do myself at home to bring relief and even end a headache. I’ve been doing the very simple exercises daily since with results as well! She’s so knowledgeable and gentle and it’s the type of yoga anyone can do at home - no twisting yourself into a pretzel! You don’t even need flexibility.

I highly recommend her.

— Dr. Elizabeth Bonet.

Are you new here and want to know more about me and my story?

Watch some of my background and story here! How yoga and mindfulness have changed my life and learned to live with chronic pain and severe diagnoses and uncertainty.

Full outline of the 8-week Pain Management course:

This 8-week Pain Management course will consist of live sessions, as well as give you access to video materials (17 videos) so that you have a variety of tools to explore and support your journey, as well as written handouts and voice recordings.


You will have lifetime access to this material once you sign up for the course.


The recordings of the live sessions will also be available if you miss a live session, but just for a limited amount of time due to privacy. More information about this course and what to expect:



It will consist of 8 live sessions, here is more information about the LIVE SESSIONS:

  • TIMES:

    • The first session is 2,5h (Saturday 15.00CET (9.00am EST)

    • The weekly sessions of 2h will be on Tuesdays 17.30-19.30CET (1.3pm-3.3pm EST)

      • For both live times: if you would like to participate but the time do not work for you, please let me know what could! For example Mondays could be an option instead of Tuesday. If many of you have wished for a different time, and it also works for the others in the group who has already signed up, we may move the times (but only if it works for everyone). 

  • STRUCTURE: Each live session will have a structure approximately like this:

    • A theoretical bit: I will talk about a different theme and theory each time – it will both have a neuroscience part, and a mindful reflection part. For example: something specific in relation to neuroscience and pain (more detailed/specific than a workshop) and what yoga and mindfulness can be helpful for, for this.

      • Understanding is not only empowering, but research shows it can also help us help ourselves better! Research also shows understanding pain actually can reduce the pain level as the brain can downregulate the pain signals when it understands more! (I will explain more about why this in the course) And it allows us to meet ourselves with kindness.

    • I will guide you through different movement practices (techniques to release tension and nourish and re-train your nervous system – yoga, nerve flossing, MFR)

    • I will guide you through mindfulness practice + reflection exercises (I also use poetry here as it can be helpful for us to reflect)

    • There will be a group discussion on the topic (if you do not wish to speak that is perfectly fine, your presence is valued anyway – no judgment in this space)

    • I present the homework (written prompts send by email with the material needed for that week: written handouts or videos or guided meditations) NB remember that I will adjust the homework to you so it is doable - so do not be worried that it may be too much!

  • RECORDING: The sessions are recorded if you miss out, and only shared with members of this specific group/course that because of health reasons miss a session. 

Included in the package (in addition to the live sessions) you will ALSO get:

  • one 60min 1-1 session with me so I can help you with more individualised guidance

  • daily homework (so this requires some commitment! This is what changes your brain, so the daily part is needed. I give adaptations so everyone can do something no matter your state) expect to set aside approximately 1h daily for this.

  • 17 videos, and guided meditations to help your home practice.

  • written handouts for exercises + guidance


You will learn:

  • Some pain science:

    • What pain is, what the latest pain research is saying + what happens in the brain in cases of chronic pain + what research says we can do

    • What is the connection between the immune system and the nervous system and why is this relevant for ur to know? (the connection between inflammation and pain etc)

  • What Mindfulness is and how it can be extra useful for pain management – but also why it may be extra difficult, and how to approach this when living with pain.

  • More about what happens in the different parts of your brain and nervous system and how this affects how we think/what we think - our mental health/reactivity etc, as well as how it affects our hormone production, etc. and how we can use this knowledge to help ourselves better.

  • How to use concrete techniques to deal better when the pain is increased, or you have an attack (specific exercises such as breathing exercises - that is hacking your nervous system and helping you through mentally in a better way – to help with anxiety or other consequences that might come together with this)

  • How to release tension in different body parts, as well as explore a variety of exercises so you will for sure find something that can work for you. This can be helpful as a long-term strategy to reduce/manage pain/prevent pain from escalating, but can also have immediate effects for some.

  • Learning techniques to find deep rest even with pain, and what to keep in mind – what tricks we can use etc. This is relevant as it can help our bodies recover faster and gain more energy to be able to use that energy on things we would like to do. This is very important for us living with pain to be able to have more capacity, but also to for example enhance our quality of sleep etc. (which again will affect pain the next day etc).

  • How resisting your pain may increase the pain (and why this is) – and how we can discover if we do this and how we can start the process of learning to allow it to be here (even if we at the same time may work towards release – this element is really important)

  • We will discuss how we can use mindfulness on the journey to get to know ourselves better and meet ourselves with kindness, so we not only will manage to process emotions better (which again will lead to less tension in the body etc), as well as realising that a lot of the stress we might have in our life is also coming from within and how we can manage that better (as there is often much guilt, blame or negative emotions related to living with pain, which is natural! But it is not helping our situation. And it’s not easy when people around us don’t understand, hospital visit fatigue or not having certainty about the diagnosis of future and more). You will start to see hope at the end of the tunnel that things might be different for you than what you imagine right now.

  • And much more!

The exact weekly line-up of what we will cover when will be adapted according to who is participating and what your individual challenges are, and how the group proceeds – to give you the best experience possible. Because the focus also depends on who signs up and their needs there may be some changes to this set-up, and some topics may be expanded more than others.


MAXIMUM 10 participants, and a minimum 3 for the course to proceed.


Who is this for?

If you live with chronic pain, I will help you adapt, you can participate from your bed as well – we will find a way to make it work. No noise or music is used for sound sensitivity, and if you need to take breaks/cannot be able to participate 2h straight, you can join in the beginning and watch the rest as a recording. I will give as many adaptations as needed. Please contact Maria if you have any questions about whether she will be able to give you the adjustments you need.

Before we start our first session you will receive a form to fill in so Maria can have the necessary background information about you to be able to adapt to the classes. If you are diagnosed with PTSD or any other mental health challenges it is important you also inform about this. Maria is a Trauma-informed teacher but this is important for her to know upfront.

NB: no matter what, it is important that you clarify with your healthcare providers first that it is ok for you to practice yoga/what adaptations are needed, as well as mindfulness meditation. 


Why the 8-week Pain Management Program?

  • Because kickstarting this inner work with a more immersive exploration has many benefits! It is what will lead to changes faster for you (compared to just weekly classes without daily practices/awareness/reflection and adapted follow-up by me).

  • Research shows that is takes (on average) 8-weeks with daily practice to see physiological changes in your brain (I will explain in the course why this will truly help you).

  • You get to do it now March/April so that when you enter spring, and lighter times, you will already have a range of tools and see your life differently – trust me (it is difficult to imagine now how it will be for you, and that is part of the journey, we will talk about this too)

  • You get the benefit of being part of a group for 8 weeks that go through the transition with you – there are massive benefits of this, and we will be discussing the homework, etc (that may not always be easy) so that you will experience you are not alone, and also learn from other participant’s insight. I am used to managing group discussions like this in a skilled, safe, and trauma-informed way – so you will feel heard, safe, and supported. Even if you perhaps are not so fan of the idea of a group – just know that being part of a group like this actually also changes what is turned on/off in your brain, etc. and just know that this can have a massive effect on the benefits you will have from participating.


Payment scale/options:

1. Regular Price: 3200NOK (320€), can be paid as: 160€ each month, or 40€ a week.

2. Economically challenged: 1500NOK (150€)*

3. Helpers’ contribution: 4500NOK (450€) – if you are able to contribute extra, this will fund more spots for economically challenged participants to be able to participate.

NB, prices will rise next time the course is held.


Breakdown of what this includes:

3200NOK (320€) means 40€ pr week which includes weekly (or 160€ per month):

  • One the (2,5/) 2h live session each week which is a merge between 1-1sessions and a personalised workshop (a workshop online of 2h has the value of 40€ in itself, which is already the price of the weekly cost for this course) In addition to this, I will prepare and adapt to each individual in the group, you will get individualised follow-up.

In addition, it includes:

  • guidance for daily practice during the week (if you have a lot of pain there will always be something you can do, don’t worry, I will adapt to you)

  • handouts, 17 recorded videos, voice recording meditation guidance, homework, and follow-up by me.

  • one 60min 1-1 session with me


Overview of what it includes:

  • 8 sessions of 2h (one of 2,5) of live group sessions on zoom with tailored course guidance, we meet weekly online to learn new things and check-up on how it is going with the homework etc. (value 400€)

  • Opportunity to ask questions outside of class and get guidance from me.

  • Lifetime access to material to guide your home practice (10 videos, guided meditations and written handouts) - made specifically for this course (value 100€)

  • Access to recording for the live session if you miss it (this is limited in time due to privacy)

  • The opportunity to additionally join the yoga and mindfulness live class weekly for free/included in the price (which is additional to the specific Pain Management Program sessions)

  • The opportunity to access the on-demand video library of other yoga classes on my platform for the 8 weeks the course is running (so the value of 2 monthly memberships = 40€)

  • One 60min 1-1 session with me

This altogether has a value of 640€. But to make it as affordable as possible for you, I have lowered the regular price package to 320€ or 3200NOK. I know this may still seem a lot for many, but this is an important investment for you. I have put the price as low as I managed for you, to make it accessible for as many as possible. Also, know that this package is carefully developed over years of preparation work, and years of (expensive) specific specialization and experience, and that it requires a lot of work behind the scenes from my side.

However, I know this price will still not be possible for everyone, and I truly want this to be available for you if you need it (I really know how tough things can be, also economically when you are very sick), so I have two payment options for you:

  1. If paying the full sum in one payment is not feasible for you, you can divide the payments in two and pay 160€ before the first-month starts, and then 160€ before the second month starts. 

  2. If you have severe economic challenges because of your pain/illness or other reasons, you can apply to get a discounted price for economic aid.* There is a limited possibility of this, please write me to ask if you have any questions about if this might apply for you.

To sign up, please send me an email and I will send you payment info etc.


Let's keep in touch!

If you are not already on my email list, make sure to sign up to get exclusive offers!

Thanks for submitting!

What is pain really? 

Did you know research shows that when we understand more about what pain is and what is going on in our body it can actually reduce your pain?

This is because everything is processed in the brain, so the pain level is influenced by many things - including your understanding! 

So this course is aiming to help you understand more!


Join this online course, 2hours and 45min on-demand video, you can watch it in your own time within 30days.

Click on the link below to read more about the course and book.

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