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Bring me + your mat with you wherever you are!
(your mind & body will thank you for it)

Below you find the different alternative subscriptions to the

On-Demand yoga library where you can find everything from:

  • longer yoga classes (60-80min),

  • shorter yoga sessions (5-20min)

  • theme specific videos like nerve flossing for sciatica, or Myofacial Release for back release,


Anything you would want to help nourish your body and mind to reduce stress, get efficient movement adapted for our modern lifestyle, and to be more present and make the best out of your time.

You're Welcome!



With this subscription of only 20€ a month, you get FULL access to ALL the videos in the on-demand library. Don't miss out on this special deal before the price is raised on the 17th of October, so make sure to secure your access now (once you subscribe this will be your price forever!)


What does it include?:

  • The Series of Anatomy-based yoga classes, are functional and adapted to a variety of starting points, bodies and challenges. You can explore classes according to different themes, and while you move you also get to learn more about your body! This is a favorite among yoga teachers and students alike.

  • The Mindful Restorative Yoga videos

  • All the shorter videos of both short yoga classes (for the morning or before sleep), as well as shorter practices for MFR, Breathing, nerve flossing, etc.

  • And more!


Read more about what's included in the subscription here. Or if you want to look at all the videos that you find in this package you find the overview here.


Do you only want access to the Mindful Restorative Yoga classes in the library, to help you calm the nervous system and reduce stress?

Let go of work, worries, and overthinking, and embrace the moment in front of you with more kindness, openness and presence?

Then this is the package for you!

15€ for 30days of access to this library.


Library of videos adapted for pain

With this subscription, you get access to the classes that are adapted for you with chronic pain of different kinds. This includes:

  • Recording of live classes of Mindful Yoga for migraine headaches and chronic pain

  • Shorter videos may be especially helpful for you if you live with pain

  • BONUS: you also get access to the Mindful Restorative Yoga class-library

These classes will help you calm your nevrous system which can help reduce your pain as well as help you learn concrete tools to work on tissues to release tension which again can affect your pain, and mindful tools on how to deal better with your pain. Something you can explore at your own speed.

Read more about what's included in the subscription here

Prenatal Yoga Videos

With this subscription, you get access to classes and shorter sessions to help you and your body adapt to the changes happening and the transition to come.

This is a package of 10 videos, and 6h and 45min of content you can enjoy and use throughout your pregnancy, it includes:

  • Longer Prenatal Yoga classes adapted for all trimesters

  • Myofascial release to help with swelling in legs as well as restless legs and nerve pain in the night

  • Breathing exercises to help you find calm during pregnancy and also which to use during labour

  • Different Minduflness Meditations for pregnancy

  • Shorter sessions with specifically beneficial strengthening exercises and movements

I am a certified and registered prenatal yoga teacher with many years of experience. You can read more about the benefits of prenatal yoga as well as reviews of previous students here.


Save on 1 year Full Access Deal!

Want Full Acess to all the videos in the on-demand library for 1/2 the price of what you would have paid for monthly subscriptions for 1year?


What you get:

Access to all the videos in all of the packages above!



For only 120€ for a full year, which equals approximately 0,3€ daily or 2€ weekly - the price of one coffee a week, you can access all the videos of the library unlimited, and do as much yoga, myofascial release, meditation, and more as you want! 

Invest in an extra "coffee" to your body and mind a week! You will not regret it.


Need help to get started?

I've got you!

We all know including Yoga and Mindfulness into our daily routine is so good for us! But it's not always easy to get started!
I have a 21 days yoga and meditation challenge you can get access to for FREE if you are a member of the platform, send me an email to if you want it, and I'll send you the program!
Also, if you are not already on my email list, sign up so you don't miss out on special events, and discounts!

Thanks for submitting!


More yoga & Mindfulness

Not looking for on-demand yoga classes but instead:

  • Online courses and workshops to learn even more about a topic or subject - find that here!

  • Live classes with me online (will start again after summer) of yoga or mindfulness.

  • Events in person

  • 1-1 classes of yoga or mindfulness are also available for booking through the summer but there are limited spots, contact me for availability.

  • Want to work with me? Find more info here for corporate packages, events and more.

  • Something else?

I am so grateful for the private lessons I've had with Maria online. I am 8 months postpartum and still working towards healing my abdominal separation (diastasis recti). I had been afraid to get back into yoga but after meeting with Maria only twice through Zoom I am already seeing and feeling a difference!
Even online she was able to give me specific guidance that helped ensure I was engaging the correct muscles and entering postures safely.
Thanks Maria!
— Rachel, 11years of yoga experience,
pre- & posnatal student both live and online. DR.
I have attended private yoga classes in English with Maria during the past year and it has been a great experience! She's very professional, kind, and able to adapt the sessions according to the student's needs. Physically I feel much better and more confident with my body, but also mentally stronger, thanks to the meditation and Maria's suggestions.
I strongly recommend her!
— Marzia French teacher, rock climber, new to yoga
If you are not yet convinced that yoga can l help you going through a wonderful pregnancy and provide you a good preparation for giving birth, than take a prenatal yoga class with Maria and you will be convinced!
Maria has a lot of expertise on pain management and mental preparation for giving birth.
With her gentle voice she creates wonderful yoga classes where she shares a lot of knowledge and is always ready to attend to your questions and concerns.
With Maria I went through a very good pregnancy and I felt mentally prepared for the big day and I had a very fast recovery!
— Saskia, pre- and postnatal
yoga student
Maria is such a kind soul! She is always positive and enthusiastic and explains everything in a calm, understandable yet scientific way. She has so much knowledge about the human body and biology in general that you gain a deeper understanding of how you and your body can benefit from certain poses. I attended the "Spine Anatomy and Thoracic Spine Mobility Workshop" and it helped me so much in understanding what happens in my body. I also really love her Mindfulness approach. Thank you so much for everything, Maria
— Natasha
I highly recommend workshops with Maria.
She has a lot of knowledge that is conveyed in a thorough, enthusiastic and educational way.
I benefited greatly from the "Spine Anatomy and Thoracic Spine Mobility Workshop", both personally and as a yoga teacher.

Thank you
— Marit Thorsrud, Yoga teacher
Maria is probably the most dedicated yoga teacher you can find out there ! She puts a huge effort, time, and love into her classes and workshops and all her knowledge guarantees a great value and proficiency. Maria really cares about her students, their opinion, feelings and wellbeing. From the many yoga teachers I met, Maria is surely one of the most authentic ones, who is really living yoga and not just performing it with postures. Can really recommend her consultancy and classes.
—  Regina Neubauer,
Yoga teacher student
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