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Learn mindfulness meditation live with me!

Meditation live online

I guide weekly meditation sessions in a closed and exclusive group on Zoom where we explore different topics every week, and you can ask questions and get in-person guidance.

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Why group?

Learning Mindfulness meditation in a group setting has many benefits. Often we have the same questions and challenges, and it can be good to hear you are not alone. Or perhaps someone's challenges with the practice or reflections make you aware of something new about your own journey or novel insights?

Even if this is a group session you are welcome to join also if you simply want to listen and with your camera off.

What to expect:

  • Small group, safe and supportive environment, full confidentiality.

  • Each time I guide main meditations with different topics, and there will be opportunities to ask questions or share experiences from how the meditation was afterward. I am guiding the discussion and answering questions in a supportive way so you feel seen, safe, and held.

  • I share reflections from my own journey and give you tricks and tips on how to bring mindfulness with you into your everyday life - so it can gradually change the way you live and see your life, and how you navigate challenges. 

  • Sometimes you can get handouts or reflection prompts to look at in between classes, but it is also optional how much you wish to do, or have time for.

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  • When?: Weekly on zoom 18.30-19.30 CET (60min), currently Mondays, and Thursdays 12.00-12.20 CET (20min). The days may be subject to change. You can choose to join once a week or both sessions - live or watch the recording.

  • Investment: 20€ a month (or drop-in 12€)

  • Facebook Group: There is a closed Facebook Group exclusively for the members of the meditation group, where I share relevant info.

  • How: The zoom link for the live sessions as well as recordings are automatically sent to you once you register through the online platform on Momence.

NB: these live classes are on hold while Maria is on maternity leave, they will resume September 2023, meanwhile take a look at on-demand options.

Who is this for?

Anyone no matter if you have never practiced mindfulness meditation before or are an experienced practitioner. The beauty of this practice is that we all train ourselves to meet the practice with an open mind, returning to being beginners and that this is an endless journey. 


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me, I'd be happy to hear from you.

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Maria has the natural soul of a teacher, and a guide.

She is very professional, yet caring and warm, knowing how to make you feel safe during meditation sessions.

Each meditation session is well structured, you can see she puts a lot of work and passion into it, and she is also a very good listener, letting people talk about their experiences and allowing them to learn from each other as well as learn from her.

She is an inspiration as well, as she is very honest with herself and her own experience of meditation.

I am very glad I came across her meditation group sessions.

Thank you Maria


— Marie

Group sessions not for you?

You can contact me for a 1-1 follow-up, or check out these online courses which are pre-recorded videos you can access in your own time.

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