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Postnatal Yoga
with Baby 


Postnatal Yoga with or without Baby

After you have recovered fully postpartum and feel ready to start moving again, postnatal Yoga is a great way to re-connect to your body and rebuild strength in a safe way.

The babies love to be involved and this is a nice way to connect to your baby. The baby will be included in many ways in the class dependent on the age of the baby. For the youngest ones laying on the mat and observing mummy move above and getting occasional kisses and massage/movement of legs and arms is enough, while the older ones can be included more actively in the asanas – and they usually find this is a lot of fun! For the young ones - until crawling - the babies will also be doing a bit of Yoga themselves: we'll be doing movements with their bodies that will help digestion, be wind relieving, help stretch out tension in arms, legs and lower back, develop their coordination etc. We include funny sounds and singing and usually the babies love this part! Many mums find these exercises very helpful also to do at home and many babies learn to crawl and walk faster due to their enhanced sense of body and coordination.

But the majority of the class is about the mothers – we will be strengthening your muscles in the upper body and arms to help carry the weight of the breasts and the growing baby, correcting posture and release tension in neck and back, re-connecting to the abdominal muscles in a gentle way, re-strengthening pelvic floor muscles etc.

Every class will be different when there are babies involved so flexibility is key here. We can take nursing breaks, etc., so you can do what you need when you need to. It could be beneficial to also prepare a playing mat at home before class for the slightly older babies if they get too distracted and need some change.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

You are welcome to join!

When & where

At the moment I am teaching weekly group classes of Postnatal Yoga with Babies in person in the city centre of Pavia, 30min from Milan. Send me an email, if you want more information or want to join us! You can also write me if you want to join group classes online in the future, and you'll be the first to know when I set it up again.

At the moment I am also prioritizing 1-1 follow-up, and if you are Postpartum now and if there is no space in the group class or you want to be followed up by me 1-1, contact me for availability for private classes online (or in person in Pavia), and I will give you individualized tips on what would be most efficient for your case to recover postpartum and build a tailor-made program for you, as well as teach you how you can include your baby and teach you different movements that can help your baby's digestion, get rid of gas in the belly, stimulate brain development and coordination and much more! (and they love it!)

I have the competence to build an adapted personal program for you, and work with for instance:

  • Diastasis Recti

  • Post C-section, Caesarean section

  • Reconnecting to the Pelvic Floor Muscles, rebuilding strength and hence also improves issues such as incontinence.

  • Postnatal recovery, and help with posture and an individually designed strengthening program to help you work on strength in a safe and balanced way adapted to your body and state.

  • Mental and emotional challenges postpartum, hormonal issues, baby blues, postpartum depression etc. through Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques.

  • Yoga also for the baby if this is something you are interested in: exercises that will help with digestion, flatulence, and air, as well as improve baby's brain development and coordination and help them learn to crawl faster, etc.

I am so grateful for the private lessons I've had with Maria online. I am 8 months postpartum and still working towards healing my abdominal separation (diastasis recti).


I had been afraid to get back into yoga but after meeting with Maria only twice through Zoom I am already seeing and feeling a difference!

Even online she was able to give me specific guidance that helped ensure I was engaging the correct muscles and entering postures safely.

Thanks Maria!


— Rachel, 11years of yoga experience,

pre- & posnatal student both live and online. DR.

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