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Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal Yoga has numerous benefits. It can relieve many of the aches and issues that normally occur during this time, as well as provide greater ease in the delivery.

Emotions and stress influence the baby and the mother. Now is the time to slow down and tune inward to you and your growing baby. Your body will be going through a lot of changes, and we will prepare the body and mind for what is to come, by for instance:

  • work on body awareness to protect the back as weight and hormones change your body, your balance etc.

  • increasing strength in legs and upper body to carry the increasing weight to come

  • strengthen around the hip in a strategic way to ease discomfort, as well as open up

  • learn about and practice breathing in a way that will help you in the delivery process

  • learn about the pelvic floor, perennial muscles, and the deeper pelvic muscles - the importance of training these in order to be able to participate more consciously in the birthing process, and to recover faster after delivery. Some of the more specific benefits of this are: to avoid urinary incontinence for as long as possible, to avoid vaginal and uterine prolapse or perennial tears etc. You will also learn how to relax these, and we will pay extra attention to that towards the end of pregnancy, or if you have hypertonic pelvic floor muscles.

  • learn what happens during birth, and how your mental preparation and state will affect the physiological processes during birth, and prepare mentally with positive birth visualisations, etc.

We will also have lots of time in nice relaxing postures that relieve tension, swellings etc. The way Yoga combines breath, movement and awareness is ideal to prepare for the birthing process over time.


I draw on my experience as a Mindfulness teacher as well, and offer many tools from the world of Mindfulness that can be great also off the mat during pregnancy as stress-relief, being more present and enjoying the time no matter what it may offer, building self-confidence, prepare for uncertainty, accept whatever is and might be, and as a specific tool to use during delivery, to reduce pain sensation, empower, etc.

Independent of how far you have come in your pregnancy I will give you the adaptations you need, so all trimesters and stages are welcome.

I'm certified to teach prenatal Yoga, and have additional specializations through Yoga Medicine such as Prenatal Therapeutics and Prenatal Myofacial Release.​

You’ll also find a community of other mums to be, and after the last session, we’ll have a tea-time, and connection chat online, to get to know each other a bit better and you'll have the opportunity to be part of a wattsapp group to follow the journey of the other mums, share questions and advice and more.

Special this time (February 2022) is that I’m pregnant too now, it’s an honour to follow you on this journey. Me and my baby boy will be waiting for you on the mat!


We kindly ask you to clarify with your healthcare provider that it's ok for you to practice yoga prior to attending any of the classes. Please also inform Maria of any health condition/issues you may have or specific messages your doctors have given upfront so she can help make the necessary adaptations for your individual needs and safe practice. 

You are welcome to join us!

If you are following a Prenatal yoga course with me, I also offer birth preparation workshops for those that are in the third trimester. There you will learn more about how yoga can be used as a tool more specifically during the delivery: specific positions how, when, and why they can be useful, and specific tips and tricks to prepare for birth together with the dad, or your birthing partner.

When & where - live classes

The next round of the 4 weeks online prenatal yoga course will start on the 10th of January. It will be a small group so I can follow every individual in the group with help and adjustments, so if you want to join make sure to save your spot (book by clicking on the button below). If you cannot join live some of the classes, the classes are always recorded and you have access to them for 7 days, and this is included. Classes are once a week, on Tuesdays 17.00CET, and last for 75minutes. (NB first class on the 10th will be 18.00CET)



10th of February 17.00-18.15 (first session is on a Friday, but the rest will be on Tuesdays)

14th of February 17.00-18.15

21th of February 17.00-18.15

28th of February 17.00-18.15

Find more info about this specific 4-week course by clicking on the button below.


On-demand classes or 1-1 follow-up

If you are pregnant and the times of the live classes do not fit you you have 2 options:  


  1. If you want to be followed up 1-1 by Maria, please contact her for availability for online follow-up. In-person classes in Milan or Oslo could be available - contact for availability and questions. NOTE: Maria is herself on maternity leave from March 2023-July 2023, she'll answer by email if you have any questions about the online courses or classes, but do not take any new 1-1 students in this time.

  2. You can explore the video collection of pre-recorded Prenatal Yoga classes you can do in your own time, it includes both longer and shorter sessions, meditation, Myofascial release, and breathing exercises. 

With only 55€ you get 30 days of access to a full bundle of 10 videos, and a variety of classes to help you through your pregnancy. It includes:

  • Longer Prenatal Yoga classes adapted for all trimesters

  • Myofascial release to help with swelling in legs as well as restless legs and nerve pain in the night

  • Breathing exercises to help you find calm during pregnancy and also which to use during labour

  • Different Minduflness Meditations for pregnancy

  • Shorter sessions with specifically beneficial strengthening exercises and movements

This is a package of 10 core videos, and 6h and 45min of content you can enjoy and use throughout your pregnancy.

prenatal on-demand

Maria’s classes really helped me during my pregnancy,

I really enjoyed her prenatal yoga classes and felt the benefits after each class.

She is very sweet and knowledgeable and gave us useful tips for labour which I could apply.

Her classes were well prepared and very complete. Her adjustments during the class were perfect.

We used Mindfulness, breathing techniques, asanas and hypnobirthing.

On the workshop for couples she gave us useful tools for us and our partners and we really appreciated it.

I would highly recommend her.

Thanks Maria for being an amazing teacher!


— Loli, prenatal yoga teacher & student

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