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Wrapped Gifts

Christmas gift options


You can never go wrong with a gift card! And what is better than giving the gift of presence, and self-care? 


Below you find the different options and suggestions, you can choose to give a whole course, access to library of videos, or give a sum you select so that the receiver can choose! 

At the bottom of the page, you find the designed gift card I will send you by email once you have made your order, which you can print out and place under the tree!


Mindfulness Retreat Online

What you give:


  • Lifetime access to an on-demand online retreat to dive deeper into Mindfulness and how we can use this practice to live better from day to day, and in our planning and everyday life choices.

  • 27 videos - 5h of material (for a full-day home retreat!) 

  • It includes 13 Mindfulness practices, a library they can come back to for guided meditations throughout the year + an e-book with tips on which to practices are especially useful in which setting (for example if we face a lot of uncertainty)

  • It includes 9 guided writing exercises, to help reflect on and clear your thoughts to figure out what is truly important for you in this one precious life and to help you bring Mindfulness with you into your everyday planning. (great to take the new years resolutions to the next level!)

  • and more! (read more on the website for the course)


Investment: 89.9 €


Your choices:

  • You can give the full course by paying full price (then write on the gift card that you give Mindful Reflection Retreat Online)

  • Or you can give a partial sum to help contribute towards participation (you can specify this on the giftcard/which sum you give if you want)

Acess to on-demand library of yoga classes and workshops

What you give:

Choose the sum you want to give, and the receiver can choose to use it on one of the following​

  • Monthly access to yoga video library online (one month is 20 €, you can choose one month or give a voucher that can be used for several months.) You find the link to this here if you want to gift it directly.

  • Access to an on-demand workshop in Mindful Restorative Yoga. Perfect for anyone who is stressed and wants to learn efficient ways to rest, also great for yoga teachers who want to teach Restorative Yoga (Investment 35 €) You find the link to this here if you want to gift it directly.

  • Access to an on-demand workshop in Spine Anatomy and Thoracic Spine Mobility. Perfect for anyone with back pain, yoga teachers, or practitioners wanting to understand more about the anatomy of our spine and how to avoid injuries (Investment 35 €) You find the link to this here if you want to gift it directly.

  • Access to an on-demand workshop on The Neuroscience of Pain and why and how yoga and Mindfulness can help. Perfect for anyone living with pain,  yoga teachers, or practitioners wanting to understand more about how we can adapt and what we can do (Investment 40 €) You find the link to this here if you want to gift it directly.

  • and more! 


Your choices:

  • You can choose a specific gift (of the options above, for this follow the link to each above) OR

  • You can give a selected sum of your choosing that can be used on the online platform to choose between any of the options above, and the receiver chooses what to use it on.

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1-1 session

What you give:


  • You can choose to give one 60min or 90min 1-1 session with me online, or a package of more sessions (can be used within 12months)

  • I always do thorough intake assessments before the first session + during the first session, following the Yoga Medicine protocol to be able to help in the best possible way with individual needs!​

  • They will get advice and a program of tailor-made program to help with their challenge from the work of Yoga, Myofacial Release, Nerve flossing, Mindfulness etc. (could be anything from back pain, shoulder injury, headaches, cycle issues or pain, etc, see my qualifications below for what I am specialized in helping with)


NB, for this option you need to contact me for availability first, as there is high demand.


Your choices:

  • You can give the full price for one session or a package

  • Choose a sum to help towards being able to do 1-1 follow-up with me


Once you make your order, I will separately send you these two options for gift cards you can print out, fill in, and place under the tree. You have two options so you can choose the design you like the most!
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