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Mindfulness + Yoga Immersion, a Day Retreat at Lake Como

Join me for a day of Yoga & Mindfulness with an unforgettable view over Lake Como. Includes a delicious meal and a mindful walk in nature to visit the Castel of Vezio, Varenna!

Welcome to this well-needed escape from the business of everyday life!

On the 16th of October

Look forwards to nourishing body and mind surrounded by beautiful nature, in the mesmerizing hills overlooking the beautiful city of Varenna, a stone's throw from the medieval castle. The location is easily reachable by either car (1h) or train (2h) from Milan to Varenna.


(This event is tought in both English and Italian,

Questo evento sara insegnato entrambi in inglese e italiano!)

Per leggere la descrizione dell evento in ITALIANO, viene fra poco.

Join us!


Imagine a day dedicated to Yoga, Mindfulness, and connection with nature. Imagine yoga with nature all around, and with an unforgettable view over Lake Como. Then followed by delicious, homemade food made at the Agritorismo, where you also get to learn what Mindful Eating is, and we'll do a practice of it before our Lunch.

We will start the day with yoga, a class of nourishing Mindful Hatha Yoga Flow with an open level, accessible to everyone! Followed by a yummy guided mindfulness meditation for deep relaxation and stress release. Read more about the theme of the yoga class, below. Don't miss this rare occasion to practice in person with me, and the opportunity to get hands-on adjustments in a safe way in the yoga class (only if you wish of course) as we are outside.

The rest of the day you will get to explore in many different ways what Mindfulness can be through 12 different practices, both guided meditation, walking meditation, writing exercises, and much more - all immersed in the calming beauty of nature and a one-of-a-kind scenery. As breaks through the day you can jump in the pool, and visit the beautiful castle, Castello di Vezio. You will end the day feeling a deeper sense of connection to yourself. A day of transformation. You find the full outline of the program below.

Save your spot as soon as possible as there are limited spots available.


Mindfulness, Yoga & Nature

Sunday 9th of October

Starting 10.00

Mindufl Hatha Yoga Flow 
+ Mindfulness Meditation


Agritorismo di Castello di Vezio

One of the best locations at Lake Como, a four star place with vast nature areas and unforgettable views.

About the place


I am so happy to collaborate with Agriturismo di Castello di Vezio for this event! After the sucess of last years day retreat, we are repeating the opportunity to arrive here in this absolutely stunning location. I really like the people running this place, they really care about what they do, down to every single detail. Will serve us food that are mainly produced by them, and they also produce their own olive oil! They not only put their heart and soul into what they produce, but into their customers too, and in the way they respect and connect to nature. You can expect to see cute little chicken running completely free at the whole wide property, and their cute, and calm dog.


Ususlly this place hosts fashionable weddings or corporate events, so we are lucky to get this Sunday all to ourselves! The Agriturismo has many luxory cottages spread across their land, where you can sleep with four-star comfort yet with the absolute peace and quiet of being surrounded in nature. They have 3 different pools and if the weather is still warm these may also be open for use by you guys before/after the event. If you wish to make this into a weekend stay you can get a discount on booking a room or cottage..


From the property we can see the famous medieval castle, and also have a beautiful view down on the charming village of Varenna. It is personally one of my favorite spots at Lake Como! 

About the Yoga class

We will start the day by exploring Mindfulness through movement!

It will be a Mindful Hatha flow followed by a guided relaxation & mindfulness meditation to let go of all stress of everyday life and connect to the beautiful nature around us.

The theme of the yoga class will be: Letting go, one of the fundamental pillars of Mindfulness. We will explore the topic both physically as I take you through a fun flow sequence around balancing positions to strengthen body and mind, letting go of expectations and judgements, as well as metaphorically as we will discover what we can learn about ourselves in the process. 

It will be a fun class with challenges & adaptations for everyone.

Bonuses: strengthening core, legs, hip, getting mobility into the spine, back and releasing tension on the shoulders & neck.

The meditation at the end of the yoga class will be on the topic letting go, and its many of my students absolute favourite!

The class is thought in both English and Italian (I am used to teaching in both languages for example my classes for FENDI so no matter what you speak you will be in good hands). 

For who:
Open for anyone, beginners & advanced alike - I’ll give adaptations & variations.


Mindful Yoga Flow

Accessible for everyone!
Learn how advancedness can lie in simplicity.


A Day of Mindfulness

Explore what Mindfulness could be and many different ways you can practice it in your everyday life!

The Mindfulness Practices

12 practices:

  1. Mindfulness Meditation breath awareness

  2. Mindfulness Meditation Body Scan

  3. Mindfulness Meditation on sounds

  4. Mindfulness Meditation on thoughts and emotions

  5. Moving meditation through the Yoga Practice

  6. Standing movements - how moving meditation can be very simple yet effective.

  7. Mindful Eating (one of the traditional parts of the MBSR courses)

  8. Informal v.s. formal practice and you will learn different ways of informal practices through the day

  9. Walking Meditation

  10. Mindful Reflection and journaling

  11. Mindful listening and Mindful speaking in the discussion circle

  12. Sunset Meditation - visual observation

You will learn:

  • What Mindfulness is and can be, how we can use our surroundings as help for practice, and the beautiful place we will spend the day.

  • Mindful Yoga Flow + Mindfulness Meditation

  • What is informal practice? And try different examples of it.

  • What is formal practice and why is it important to train the brain - you will learn many examples of it.

  • How to do Mindful Eating and how you can bring it with you into everyday life

  • How to do Walking Meditation and how you can bring it with you into everyday life

  • How you can use Mindfulness in writing exercises and planning to connect to what is important to you and live more connected to this in everyday life.

  • Brief intro to what Minduful speaking and Mindful lisening is and to observe in practice. 

  • That Moving Meditation does not have to be fancy to be very effective, and how you can fast calm your nervous system if you feel stressed in everyday life. 

  • How to do a Sunset Meditation, or use other visuals as tools for meditation if you are in a beautiful setting to help you take it in and be present with it in a different way.

  • and much more!

For who:
Open for anyone, beginners & advanced alike. If you have practiced a lot before this is a great repetition as well as a great and different angle as we do it in an unforgettable setting that is calming for both mind and heart.


Photos from last year's event, same place

Dear Lovely Maria, it was a real pleasure for my human and soul to meet you, wonderful woman and teacher, and come to know your practice of yoga and mindfulness... it gave me precious moments of peace and closure to my everyday cahotic and stressfull life! I really look forward to meeting you again and also thank you for this amazing opportunity
— Laura

I met Maria at a lake view yoga and mindfulness event, which was given to me last year. It was the first time I participated in a yoga class, but I must say that Maria immediately conquered me with her smile, her delicacy and extreme professionalism. I immediately liked her positive approach and the extreme sensitivity with which she follows all the participants. Her classes are a mix of relaxation, more intense exercise and knowledge of your own body. From the first lesson at the lake I then decided to continue following the online classes and I absolutely recommend her classes to dedicate quality time to yourself. If you have the chance to join one of her events in nature they are magic!

—  Laura

The Program

10.00 Arrival + registration + welcome drink (juice, included)

10.15 Welcome! What to expect from the day + What is Mindfulness? And how and why will be exploring it today?

10.45-12.30 Mindful Yoga Flow + Mindfulness Meditation

12.30-12.45 Pause - Possibility to take a dip in the pool, walk around to explore the property/nature or take a rest under the olive trees.

13.00-14.00 Lunch Buffet (including olive oil tasting of the oil they make themselves!) + Exercise in Mindful Eating

14.00-14.15 Introduction to Walking Meditation

14.15-15.30 Mindful Walk – we will take a brief walk through nature to the beautiful mediaeval castle: Castello di Vezio which is next door. The entrance ticket to visit the Castel is included in the price of the day. You can walk around to explore the castle and the absolutely breathtaking view freely. If you have already visited the castle and prefer to stay by the pool or in the garden of the Agriturismo that is also an option.

15.30 Meet-up back at our spot in the garden of the Agriturismo with lake view.

15.30-16.30 Mindfulness Mindfulness + writing exercises under the olive trees with lake view.

16.30-17.00 Circle of conversation and sharing. The sharing bit is absolutely optional, and there is no pressure or judgement at all - it is more an opportunity to ask questions, and Maria will mainly be sharing what the common challenges are with these exercises so that you may see that you are not alone, and help you find new realizations. 

17.00-17.15 Standing Mindful Movement (+ explanation of what is simple Mindful Movement?)

17.15-18.00 Sunset Meditation.


The Program may be subject to change


Options afterwards:

  • After this, you are free to return home if you wish, or you could join an optional walk along the lake in the centre of Varenna as the sunset continues. 

  • Optional Aperitivo: at 18.30 a table is booked in a restaurant at the lake side in the centre of Varenna for those who wants to chat more and grab something to eat or drink before heading home. This is optional and not included in the cost of the event. Maria will join and stay until 19.00. You can also choose to stay and have dinner at this place before heading home.

  • For those who wants to spend the a night at the Agriturismo you can book this directly through them. You find the prices and availability here.  


€ 55.00 for the whole day, including the yoga class + 12 Mindfulness sessions + ticket to castle + lunch and use of the property and pool if it is open/weather allows.

Email me if you want to be sent info on how to make the payment and secure your spot.

Payment Policy: There is a high demand to participate in this retreat, so please note that once you have made your payment, you have made your final reservation for a spot in the retreat, and your payment is non-refundable no matter the reason for not being able to participate, as the payment for you is already made in terms of food, etc, and the total contribution of all participants is also what enables us able to offer such a good price to each and every individual participant of the retreat. 

In case of rain all day, the event will be moved to another weekend. If you cannot make it that weekend, then your payment will be refunded.


To book your spot send me an email:, and I'll send you the payment info.

Also, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


  • Access to the private and exclusive property of Agriturismo di Castello di Vezio and use of their pool if it is open (which usually costs 30€ a person only htis)

  • Special Lunch Buffet made only for us by the Agriturismo + two people working for us + being available all day at the Agriturismo.

  • 90min Yoga class (Mindful Yoga Flow)

  • 12 different practices of Mindfulness 

  • Ticket to visit the Castle: Castello di Vezio (usually 5€)

  • For those taking the train we will try to see if we can manage to organize a pick-up from the train station to go to the agriturismo. This will depend on how many people are arriving by train and what is practically feasible by volunteers stepping in with the use of their car. If this is not possible the transport from the train to the agriturismo will be additional to the cost and a sharing of taxies can be organized (the trip is not far/long, but by walk it is a very steep hike so it will take some time and is not feasible in relation to the time table unless you take an earlier train)

  • Parking of your car inside the property of the Agriturismo for free. Charging opportunities for electric cars are available too (for an additional fee).



  • Transport to arrive at the Agriturismo. (see below under practical for suggestions and tips)​

  • Other meals/aperitivo for those who want to stay longer at the lake after the event. 


Practical Info


Bring your own yoga mat! And if you don't have one notify me upfront, I have a selected few you could borrow, but since they are not many you need to book upfront.

+ bring also a notebook or a sheet of paper and a pencil or pen for the writing exercise.

Remember a sweater/jacket for the afternoon and sunset meditation as it may get chilly.

If the pool is open (if the weather is still warm) this will be notified by email upfront so you know that you also could potentially bring a swimsuit and a towel)

Alternatives for your partner not interested in yoga/meditation:

If you want to bring your partner to this beautiful location and use the opportunity to also get a day here, and meals together, yet they do not want to participate in the yoga and meditation sessions, here are the options:

  • You can bring your partner/friend even if they do not want to do the practices they can still: 1) participate in the welcome+ get the welcome drink, participate in the lunch together, and join the visit of the castle together, and while we are doing the yoga and meditation practices they are free to use the private property of this luxurious and vast nature park and area of the 4 star Agriturismo, and their pool. They can walk around and explore, enjoy the poolside (if it is open), read a book in the shade of the many trees or find one of the many benches with astonishing views over the lake, or walk down to the city of Varenna (there is a staircase down, beautiful walk although a bit steep up again as you have the same stairs up) and more!

  • Luch is included for them + welcome drink 

  • Ticket to visit the castle will be included for them

  • The staff will be available for them too if they want to make separate orders (glass of wine, coffee on the terrace etc), we have two staff only there for us that day.

  • In case you are a couple where one wants to do the yoga+meditation and the other not, you will get a discount of 5 euros, so the total is  105euro for both.

  • You could bring your pet, but this needs to be arranged upfront, you need to talk to Agriturismo first, and it may be extra fees. It is also important that if you do, your partner will be watching your pet so that it does not come to disturb the practices.



  • Payment, contact Maria at, and she will send you more information.

  • To get there by car takes less time than train (1h from Milano)

  • For those who wants to take the train, there is one that is leaving from Milano Centrale at 08.20 on Sunday the 8th (RE8), there is one change of train to the train (D21) who will arrive directly at the station in Varenna 09.48 (which is the best option and closest station). It could be possible we can manage to arrange pick-up for free from the station but only if participants that arrive by car offer to use their car for the pickup. Alternatively, expect to use a small sum on sharing a taxi van that will be booked and paid directly to the driver and split between the participants in the van, so remember to bring cash for this to make that easier for everyone, so no one has to pay for someone else. Sharing will make this cheaper, and easier, and once we know how people arrive, an email will be sent out with practical info on this + that additional cost. The drive is not far, but it is very steep from the train station to the agriturismo as it has a scenic position at the top of the hill, so walking there would take too much time, so if you prefer walking instead you need to take an earlier train. Pick up from other stations cannot be arranged and the transfer would have to be arranged by you.

  • Bring with you: 1. your yoga mat (if you do not have any, write to Maria and she will see how we can arrange something), 2. a sweater/jacket/blanket as it may be cold at sunset. 3. a notebook/sheet of paper and a pen for the writing exercise.


NB: In case of rain the event will be moved to another weekend. If you cannot make that weekend, your payment will be refunded.


1h drive from Milan, 2h by train to Varenna.

Agriturismo di Castello di Vezio, adress:

Via del Castellano 16
23828 Vezio di Perledo, Varenna (LC), Italia


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