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Are you a wellness entrepeneur?
This is for you!

Are you a Yoga Teacher or want to be?

On this page you'll find the different ways I help yoga teachers (also you who wish to be), and other wellness entrepeneurs:

  • 1-1 Business Coaching for Yoga Teachers and Wellness Entrepreneurs

  • YACEP trainings who gives you Continued Education Credits in the Yoga Alliance system if you are a teacher

  • 1-1 sessions to help you in your own practice or with a specific injury ecc. I am specialized in yoga teacher injuries and also have lots of experience in teaching teachers in general.

  • Teacher training coming in the future

If you want to take a closer look at my specializations and educations to see if I can help with our specific challenge, you find more info about my qualifications here.

If you want to book a free 15min discovery call to see if I can help you and if we're a good match, send me an email to book it here.

1-1 Pain management


Are you a yoga teacher who wants to:

  • get advice on how to move forward with your career, and make more money so you can make ends meet, while at the same time taking care of yourself, your health and your family (I am a mum, and I live with a chronic illness - yet I achieve a lot - because I am very conscious about how I spend my time and my priorities, who I work with and how.) I learned my techniques the hard way! But I wish I had someone who would give me the advice I give now to others, so I could have spent my valuable time more efficiently from the start! 

  • get some advice on how to land big clients and collaborations like I have (FENDI, Wanderlust, corporate clients ecc)

  • PR - tips, how to work with the media, get media attention and media coverage for you and your business, and events (I used to work with PR for WWF and be a media spokesperson in my former career. As yoga and Mindfulness teacher I've been featured on Sky, IO Donna which is huge in Italy, and ELLE Norway to mention a few).

  • want to learn how to build a sustainable business around teaching 1-1 clients? I'll help you with advice, I'll share with you how I have specialized, and provide high-quality classes so the students will come to me, and how I manage my time, ecc, and I'll help look at your background and how you can do the same for your unique skill set!

  • I have created the successful PlayPauseBe yoga sequencing deck that was funded on Kickstarter in less than 10 minutes from the launch, and is used by more than 52 000 yoga practitioners and teachers around the world across 71 countries. You can find the Kickstarter campaign here. I'll be happy to help you with advice for your business idea!

  • you are a newbie yoga teacher and want to get advice on how to get your first job as a teacher, or how to specialize/and what to specialize in - in terms of where there is more demand and potential clients, get help with your CV, pitching approach, or any other question you may have!

You find a linger more specific list you can look through to see if there is something else there you would want help with, at the bottom of this page.

If there is something else in your business you want help with that is not on the list, feel free to reach out and book a FREE discovery call to see if we are a good match and if/how I can help you!

Business Coaching for Yoga Teachers
1-1 sessions yoga
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Private classes in yoga or mindfulness are the perfect way to get a tailormade follow-up also for teachers.

I will do a thorough intake assessment of you, your body, and your needs, following Yoga Medicine's guidelines to help assess your goals and priorities for our 1-1 time together, and how I best can help you.

During the first session, we'll go through your intake assessment and if you come to me because you have pain or weakness somewhere we'll probably do some orthopedic tests so I can look at your area of interest, look at your anatomy, how balanced your strength is around joints for example, and discover weaknesses etc., to understand best what would suit you to prioritize working on. I'll give you some movements you can also do at home, and I'll help you with adjustments so you perform them most efficiently, and I'll give tips depending on what you come to me for. I am specialized in Yoga Teacher Injuries and much more.

You can choose to book one session or a package. Suppose a package of several sessions is what you choose to go for. In that case, I will follow you each session with different movements to assess how things progress, as well as give you a program to do at home that will be adapted to what you will be able to do (so if you don't have much time don't worry, it's my job to give you something feasible - so it can, for example, be one small thing!). I am available on WhatsApp if you have questions between sessions.

Most 1-1 follow-up is done online. Some private classes in-person are available in Pavia and could be arranged in Oslo, Milan, and Rome.

Write me an email to get more info, or book a session straight away, and get the intake assessment. If you have any questions or would like to speak to me before our session to see if we are a good fit, you can book a FREE discovery call also by writing me an email, and I'll get back to you with time options.


I'm a Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider, which means I am an experienced teacher teaching yoga teachers and can give you Continued Education Credits for some of my courses for teachers. Now you can still (until the end of 2024) get accepted online courses as 'contact hours' on the Yoga Alliance platform, so use this opportunity to take some of my online CE courses!

At the moment these CE courses are available:

  • Spine Anatomy and Thoracic Spine Mobility, you can contact me for the therapeutic follow-up that I provide, being. (Anatomy + Yoga teaching and technique)

  • The Neuroscience of Pain and how Yoga can Help, very useful if you work 1-1 with students as many will come to you for pain, or if you live with chronic pain or headaches yourself or know someone who does. (Anatomy + Yoga teaching - you will learn some nerve flossing techniques ecc)

  • Mindful Restorative Yoga - in this 3,5h online course, you will learn: What Restorative Yoga is from a classic starting point (I have been studying with for example Cyndi Lee who is one of the original developers of Restorative Yoga together with Judith Lasater and B.K.S Iyengar), but with adaptations to the latest research and modern understanding of the brain and nervous system (I have further deepened my studies in Restorative Yoga through Yoga Medicine learning from neurologists and scientists). You will learn how to adapt the most common postures in different ways with tools you find at home as well as studio tools, to find what feels good in your body. As always I am building on the latest research and my competence in anatomy and the nervous system in my teaching.

  • Myofacial Release - the theory, how to teach it 1-1 and in group classes. (coming soon)

  • Prenatal Yoga - what to pay attention to and how to teach it. (coming soon)

Want to read more about my specializations to see if and how I can help you? You find this here.

_63A9360-Edit copy.jpg
I highly recommend workshops with Maria.
She has a lot of knowledge that is conveyed in a thorough, enthusiastic and educational way.
I benefited greatly from the "Spine Anatomy and Thoracic Spine Mobility Workshop", both personally and as a yoga teacher.

Thank you!
Marit Thorsrud, Yoga teacher

Want to become a teacher?

Watch this space for Teacher Trainings in the future!

But for now, if you want to have one or more sessions with 1-1 coaching of my best tips on how to choose the right teacher training, and then how to get started as a teacher, land your first job, and all the options and ideas and tips for niching and angles according to your experience (outside of yoga), feel free to contact me! I've been there, and I'd be happy to help you, this is a great investment I wish I had done, as I would have saved so much time and money, and could have got started in a much more efficient way straight away, and to earn the money to cover the investment in the teacher training and much more straight away!

These 1-1 sessions are done online.

Write me an email to get more info, or book a session straight away. If you have any questions or would like to speak to me before our session to see if we are a good match, you can book a FREE discovery call also by writing me an email, and I'll get back to you with time options.

1-1 Mindfulness

1-1 MINDFULNESS for Yoga Teachers

Feeling stressed, tired or overwhealmed as a yoga teacher? Or you just want to learn how to be a more Mindful Teacher and use Mindfulness in your teaching as well as your personal life? Mindfulness 1-1 is a great way to discover and deepen your practice, with tailored advice, tips, and motivation to your situation and needs! If you are a yoga teacher who wants guidance for your own practice, as well as advice on what to do or not to do when teaching Mindfulness to the client base you are working with, this is a great opportunity for you to get tailored advice that will both transform your practice and the way you are teaching it to reach your students on a deeper level.

If you are a busy yoga teacher it may feel daunting to start or keep up with a Mindfulness practice, even if you know how good it is for you as a human but also to be a better and more conscious teacher! It is so normal that we meet obstacles, such as a lack of motivation to get meditation done, or we find it difficult to bring Mindfulness with us into everyday life and into teaching. For example, how to apply it in the middle of a heated argument in your personal life or if you have a challenging professional situation! I have more than 11 years of experience with the practice and long experience in guiding a variety of people through these types of challenges - so I am here to help you both understand that what you are facing is probably more normal than you think, and to help you overcome them!

Wanderlust 108 Milano 2023_uncommons_210.jpg


Look through the list below and see if there is something you would be interested in having help with. I can help with as many things as you want, but that will of course also determine how many sessions we need:

  • Advise on how to reach your goals and dreams, give feedback on how you manage your time or priorities or anything else you would want me to look at more specifically to get there.

  • How to get hired in a yoga studio, and tips on how to fill your classes

  • How the process in to land corporate clients – and general advices in terms of working with corporate wellness and yoga

  • Tips for your yoga CV

  • Looking into your background beyond yoga to discover other strengths you have that you may draw on and exploit more in your yoga business, both to help yourself and to stand out as a teacher.

  • Tips on how it works to be involved in bigger projects and teach at festivals for example – where to start and how to strategically work towards it

  • How to get noticed on socials – as your CV for potential clients (not to go viral that’s not my personal focus on Instagram, but big clients and also media coverage for example have found me through there)

  • Tips on networking in your situation or local community + online

  • Tips for how to choose your specializations adapted to what your interest in merged with what there may be a market for

  • Tips for setting up and teaching workshops

  • How to work with 1-1 clients in general and how to do specialized 1-1’s

  • How to start to teach teachers for workshops, Continued Education, or other things (if you already have some experience)

  • Tips if you are living with a chronic illness or pain like myself while running your own business – and how to make sure you don’t push yourself, and to have on-demand offerings to fall back on in periods that are more challenging for example.

  • How to set up a website and SEO that works (this just means that your website and offerings is found on Google)

    1. I will give you tips on what platforms to use and can give you feedback on your ideas and site once it’s up, and what the most important components of a successful sight

    2. I’ll explain what SEO is and why it’s important

  • How to PR yourself – if you are interested in getting media coverage for yourself and your offers

  • How to create topic-specific online courses

  • How to create an online platform for online yoga classes your students can subscribe to

  • How to teach live classes successfully online, and what to pay attention to (both group classes, corporate and 1-1’s – depending on what you are interested in)

  • How to create a retreat, and some ideas of places.

  • Branding: how to create a strong and recognizable brand (I didn’t talk about this in the podcast interview with Amanda but I’m extremely conscious about my branding, and I think it’s one of the reasons for my success. I have the benefit of the experience of working with very strong brands like WWF in the past so I know a lot about branding in general also outside of yoga)

  • How to market yourself

  • How to build a community

  • How to grow an email list in many different ways for example with CTA on your website and sign-up forms connected to an irresistible gift, and how to be strategic in what you chose here (because you want your email list to be genially interested also in your other offers not just the gift!)

  • How to write newsletters (I only send out about my events, because I don’t want to spam my customers more, but I know about many other strategies I can share with you so you can choose for yourself)

  • How to get great reviews – and where to have them depending on what you want to do (Facebook, Trustpilot, Website, Google, LinkedIn)

  • How to create a business page on Google – to be found also through that.

  • And much more!


I cannot help you with:

  • How to set up and run a physical yoga studio – as this is something I have never done.


What I give to my students in addition to advice if they want to:

  • Email templates for 1-1’s

  • Feedback on their emails to contact studios or clients

  • My 1-1 intake assessment and disclaimers so you can take it as a point of departure to create your own

  • Feedback on their website

  • Connection on LinkedIn

  • Connecting on social media, and support in terms of likes ecc.


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